Jun 212010

Unlike most forms of Yoga, which uses nothing but your body, Pilates routines often require a set of good Pilates accessories to get the most benefit from your routines. Pilates can use a wide variety of different accessories to extend and enhance your workout.

One of the most common accessories people add to their Pilates equipment is an exercise ball. This accessory is used as a support and a fulcrum for many different positions and techniques. This is a very inexpensive accessory to own for yourself for either taking to the class, or for your home workouts.

Whether you are working out at home or at a fitness center one of Pilates accessories you may enjoy owning, more than any other, is your own workout mat. While most classes have their own mats, sometimes they are used for an entire day before they are cleaned by the staff. You will often find cleaning supplies near the mats in the center, but you would probably prefer having your own mat. At least this way you know all the sweat on the mat is your own.

If you really want to improve the shape of your body you are going to want to add resistance into your routines. This normally requires adding resistance bands, springs, poles, and handles. This allows you to stretch and move with resistance against your body parts, helping to create more lean muscle, which enhances your body shape, making your body more toned and fit. Depending on the particular moves, positions, and techniques you plan to use, you may need a variety of different foot handles, hand grips, and different tensions of bands and springs.

Most good quality Pilates centers have reformers and Pilates chairs for their patrons to use. You may even want to consider adding one to your home. Both of these pieces of equipment can use a wide variety of accessories to increase the effectiveness of your workout. Consult with your Pilates instructor to see what they already have, and if there are any pieces they recommend you bring for yourself.

While many people use primarily an exercise ball, you may wish to use the higher end equipment, arcs and barrels. These Pilates accessories are formed for specific positions and techniques to give you an optimal workout. The exercise ball can perform well for many routines, but is not all encompassing. One of the most critical accessories for your Pilates classes is going to be the clothes on your back. Make sure you choose clothes which fit comfortably, move easily, and are designed to stay with your body through all the long stretching movements.

When it comes down to a final analysis the most important of all Pilates accessories is one your should be carrying with you all the time, a great attitude. When you have the right mindset, and keep your focus on practicing your techniques with perfect form you will get the greatest benefit possible. Use music, motivational talks, and any other means you enjoy to improve your mind and your body will follow. Pilates training is a great way to enhance your total well-being.

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