Jul 062010

If you have been reading about all the great benefits of Pilates, you can gain all of those benefits practicing Pilates at home. Before you get started on doing Pilates in your home, you may want to consider a few options.

One of the biggest challenges to doing Pilates properly is learning perfect form and perfect breathing. This is very difficult to do with just a DVD video. For the best results from your Pilates workout it is highly recommended you attend a couple of sessions with a certified Pilates instructor. Go ahead and explain to them you plan to workout at home, but want to get some instruction first. They will be happy to get you started off on the right foot.

You may have been reading about Pilates exercises online or in some magazines, before you start doing Pilates at home it would be a really good idea to buy a DVD showing techniques, and which takes you through a normal exercise routine. The reason a video is superior is because you can see the action in motion. You can hear the instructor’s directions, and you get cues to how long to hold a position. This will help you create a routine you enjoy, and can stick with, instead of struggling to understand the pictures in a magazine. The voice of an instructor can be very motivational. Many times the DVD includes music to help you get into the proper mindset, too.

What equipment will you need to have at home? For most Pilates exercises you need comfortable clothing, or as Joseph Pilates used to say, minimal clothing. You want your body to be able to move easily without restrictions. The only other equipment required is plenty of floor room. You may choose to buy a Pilates exercise mat to give you a little added comfort.

Equipment for doing Pilates at home has started popping up all over the place. You can get lower cost reformers and many other pieces of Pilates equipment. If you are just starting out, stick with just a good mat, and maybe add an exercise ball. This combination will allow you to do a wide variety of exercises. Once you have learned the basics, started improving your core strength and flexibility, then you may want to consider added equipment. The higher end equipment is never required, it can just enhance your workout if you choose.

One thing which can really enhance your Pilates at home workouts is finding an exercise partner. Whether it is someone in your family, or a friend, you will enjoy the experience much more if you can share the efforts. Being able to talk about your body’s changes, share a good laugh when you do something wrong, and cheer each other on all adds to the fun. Just ask a few of your friends, you will probably discover many of them have been considering Pilates, too.

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