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The Pilates exercise program is great at improving your body flexibility, muscle tone, and increasing your core strength. The one failure in Pilates is the lack of high levels of aerobic activity to prompt weight loss. The Pilates diet takes care of this major shortcoming and helps you get a thinner, longer, lean body.

One of the originators of combining the Pilates exercise program and diet was Mari Winsor. She named her program the Winsor Pilates Diet program. What Mari promoted was a well balanced diet, low in calories and fat to help you lose weight while you trained your body with the Pilates exercise program. Mari was one of the people who helped in expanding the awareness of the Pilates exercise program around the world.

No matter whether you are choosing to do the Winsor Pilates program or wish to create you own Pilates diet, you are going to need to cut the calories to lose weight while doing Pilates. The first step is to do a good inventory of your current eating habits, and determine how many calories you are averaging per day now. If you are eating 2500 to 3000 calories per day and maintaining your current weight, then dropping only 500 calories per day would result in losing about one pound of fat per week. This many not sound very impressive, but a slow steady loss is easier to maintain, and will not cause you to have major cravings during your diet.

If you wish to lose weight a little faster, then you may wish to add a little aerobic exercise in with your Pilates routine. Adding 20 to 30 minutes of walking, jogging, or other aerobic activity to your days will accelerate the weight loss, and make the body shaping from Pilates even more effective. A brisk 30 minute walk daily could help you burn off another pound per week, doubling the speed of your weight loss. Two pounds of weight loss per week is the target figure most doctors and trainers recommend.

Now we need to look at the entire picture of what you are doing in your Pilates diet program. If you are cutting back on your calories, continuing with Pilates, and adding some aerobics you are going to be losing weight, adding lean muscle, and creating a longer appearing body. When you combine all of these factors your body will become leaner much faster than doing any one of these activities alone.

The increased lean muscle will help burn more calories, and give you a higher metabolic rate. Adding daily walking or other activity also increases your metabolic rate for the entire day, not only during the exercise. The combined power of these three items will increase the speed of your fat loss over the 2 pounds per week you were expecting, and you will see you body changing very quickly. Mari Winsor understood the need for combining more ingredients into the Pilates program to improve your body, and now you do, too.

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