Jul 062010

When Joseph Pilates created the Pilates exercise program his vision was of building up a strong central core of your body, with long lean muscles. Pilates for beginners is going to be centered around developing your abdomen, lower back, and buttocks. This central region of your body is the center of your strength, stability, and your bodies protection. Here is what your should expect from starting off with a Pilates program.

One suggestion as your embark on your journey into learning Pilates, if at all possible start off in a class with a certified Pilates instructor. You may be tempted to start off at home with a video course, but you will miss out on some of the most important intricacies of the program. A Pilates instructor is going to be meticulous in teaching you about form. They know the exercises are only as effective as the preciseness you perform each movement. If your form is incorrect, you will not focus the energy into the proper muscles and will lose a large percentage of your benefits.

In your first classes plan on spending a lot of time focusing on breathing and working on mat routines. Pilates for beginners almost always stays far away from the more advanced techniques done on the reformer, arcs, and barrels. Usually you will spend most of your time on the mat or using a Pilates exercise ball to focus on building up your core muscles. One thing you will hear your instructor discuss constantly is centering, and talking to you about your alignment. You are going to be focusing on creating a powerful, long core, but it must be completely in alignment. You want you spinal column straight, and your power to be kept centered and aligned for the greatest benefits.

Pilates is not only about your body, but also your mind. This is not getting metaphysical, but working on getting your mind focused on your body, the movements, and the precision of your techniques. You will be reminded constantly to think about your breathing and to breathe in deeply during certain movements, and to exhale completely during the next portion of your movement. This is not just working on clearing your lungs and increasing your oxygen flow, but helps to focus the effort into the proper muscles.

Make sure you do not start thinking of your instructor as a drill sergeant with all of their instructions. They just recognize with precision you get the greatest benefits and want what is best for you. They are there to help you learn and enjoy the experience of learning Pilates and getting the great benefits.

Is it beginning to sound like a Pilates programs is filled with rules and learning? In some ways it is. It is a precise exercise routine, but the benefits of being precise are tremendous. You will build a stronger, leaner, longer body by following the proper Pilates for beginners routines than you can with any other form of exercise. You are going to love the way your body changes, looks, and feels after practicing Pilates.

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