Jul 062010

Is the first thought going through your head about Piliates, “I thought Pilates was for women.” Before you jump to that conclusion you need to understand just a tidbit of the history of Pilates. The originator is not some woman on television, or the pretty lady on the cover of a magazine. The originator of the Pilates program is Joseph Pilates. Joseph created the program for his own benefit after studying both western and eastern forms of exercise and meditation. He then took his program to injured soldiers in hospitals, using it to help them recuperate from injuries. It is starting to sound more like Pilates for men is the true history of the exercise, and has now been adopted by women due to the great benefits for everyone.

Perhaps the biggest reason men feel intimidated about Pilates is because of the current advertising, and the prevalence of women in Pilates classes. Pilates is designed for the human body, not the female body, and not the male body exclusively. Pilates for men is a powerful way to gain greater control of your body, increase your core strength, get greater flexibility, and many other health benefits

The core strength conditioning in Pilates centers around building a strong abdominal area, increasing the strength of the lower back, and will increase the power of your buttocks, too. To some men this sounds a bit limiting. They are thinking about strong arms, legs, and a muscular chest. When you stop for a moment and take a closer look at your body, how are you going to build stronger arms, legs, and other body parts without a powerful core? Every extremity relies on the central power of the body for support. If your body cannot keep your spine aligned, support your organs, and give you a solid base, the other exercises are going to be limited in benefits.

Pilates helps you to improve your range of motion, which keeps your muscles long, and looking great. Your range of motion is critical when you want to participate in sports, or even for other exercise methods. When your range of motion is diminished every movement becomes less effective.

You are going to learn about the proper ways to breathe to support your body, methods of standing, proper movement, and many other techniques to help you create a balanced body.

What is different in Pilates for men compared to programs for women? You may use a little more tension in certain movements. Your muscles will have a tendency to grow a little more than a woman’s. You may be the center of attention in the class. Pilates was designed originally for men, and will give you excellent physical benefits. If you have ever thought about trying Pilates, you should get started. You will be very happy with the results you are going to see. Improved posture, less muscle and joint aches, and a much stronger core can all be acquired through Pilates training.

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