Jul 062010

Do you love participating in Pilates classes? You cannot seem to stop talking about Pilates to your friends, family, and anyone who is willing to listen. You have seen the dramatic changes it has made in your health and your thinking, and want to pass along the magic to other people. Pilates instructor training can help you become an instructor, and give you an opportunity to turn your passion into your career.

In the past Pilates certification could only be done through the original Piliates programs. Today the trademark is no longer in effect so you will see many different organizations offering up their own versions of Pilates instructor training and certification. Which program should you choose? There is no really easy answer to the question. The best training is probably still offered at the Balanced Body University, the original trainers of the Pilates program. They are likely to be your most expensive option, too.

The best way for you to seek your Pilates instructor training may be standing right in front of you. Talk to the instructors and trainers you have worked with and enjoyed the most in your Pilates experience. Ask them where they were trained, and if they are certified. They will be excited to visit with you about the subject they are passionate about, too. While you may think they could be intimidated by you possibly becoming competition, they know the more likely outcome is a greater interest in Pilates throughout the entire community. You are going to help to spread the excitement and passion for Pilates.

There is secondary reason you should talk to your current instructors. They are going to able to give you advice, help you prepare for certification, and tell you how to get started in creating a client base. They have already been down the road your are starting on, and can help you avoid many of the pitfalls. You may even discover their classes are becoming filled to bursting and they will refer clients to you. Keeping in contact with other instructors adds one more benefit. You will be able to trade off classes when one of you needs a vacation.

If you are worried about needing to travel a great distance for training do not let it derail your plans. Even the Balanced Body University takes their training courses on the road, and provides opportunities to become certified in many major cities around the world.

As you are preparing for taking your Pilates instructor training, do not forget to keep going to your current training sessions. You want to keep your body in perfect physical condition, and keep your mind focused on your dreams. Being surrounded by other Pilates enthusiasts will keep your fire going, and soon you will be leading your own group of students. Your adventures in Pilates is just beginning as you become an instructor, you will discover the real joy is found in sharing your passion with the world.

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