May 272010

How old are you? This question is laughed at by men participating in senior bodybuilding. They have the bodies of men much younger than them. Actually, they have better bodies than most men younger than them. They may be in their fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond, but they have built and maintain a strong healthy body.

Older men often believe they cannot start into senior bodybuilding unless they were already active in the sport in their younger years. Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter what age you are, you can start working out, lifting weights, and feeding your body properly. The changes you can make in your body are nothing short of phenomenal.

The disadvantage mature bodybuilders have is lower amounts of testosterone and human growth hormone. This means you are not going to build the massive muscles of the younger generation, but does not mean you are not going to build impressive muscles, and great definition. It will take you more time to build muscle mass, but do not let that worry you.

Why would anyone want to enter into senior bodybuilding? Think about all the injuries, physical problems, and challenges faced by senior men and women. Many of these problems are associated to balance, strength, fitness, and ability to respond to danger. Accidents happen to people who do not have good muscle condition much easier than to people with good muscle strength, a good range of motion, and balance. When you have greater strength, good supporting muscles, and superior range of motion you will not have those little mishaps. When you catch a toe on the sidewalk you don’t fall because your body is in shape, ready for action.

You will need to start off slowly as you enter the world of senior bodybuilding. Do not try to compete with the younger guys, or to match their workout routines. You need to do focus on a program with lower weights, and modify your number of sets and reps to match your body’s ability. You will quickly start seeing gains in strength and endurance which will allow you to increase the weight and the number of reps. Do not expect to have as fast of muscle recovery as the younger guys, either. Give yourself a couple rest days between working a particular body part. Work your upper body on one day, the lower body on the next, do a cardio workout the third day, and then rotate back to your upper body. This is just an example, and you may need to adjust your workout cycle for improved recovery.

Eating plenty of protein, approximately 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, a well balanced diet, and using supplements to help with muscle recovery can aid your progress greatly. Being a little older you should start off with a checkup with your doctor, and discuss your plans. He is going to be excited to hear about your idea. He knows how important exercise and building strength is to enjoying a healthy life. Senior bodybuilding will not only give you a great body you could take to competitions, it is going to give you a changed lifestyle, far beyond your expectations.

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