Jul 062010

Trying to get rid of the excess bulge of your tummy is a challenge faced by many women. By using a few stomach exercises for women you can quickly flatten your abdomen, and create a beautiful and sexy tummy.

To get the best looking stomach possible you need to work on both the middle of your stomach and the oblique muscles on the sides of your abdominal wall. By conditioning and toning all of these muscles you create a sexy, shapely center you can be proud of.

The first abdominal exercise you should try is the bicycle. This exercise is going to target both your abdominal muscles and the obliques. To complete this exercise lay flat on your back with your hands behind your head, elbows out to the side. Pull your right knee up, lifting the foot off the ground, bringing the knee towards your nose. At the same time raise your head and turn your left elbow towards the rising knee. Keeping your head up, switch legs and rotate your right elbow towards the rising left knee. You switch legs and rotate elbows for approximately 10 reps to each side. Take a short rest of about 1 to 2 minutes and then repeat for another set.

One of the most common stomach exercises for women is the crunch. The crunch is one of the easier exercises to complete, while putting intensive work into the abdominal wall. You should do two varieties of the crunch to target your entire stomach. The first variety is the standard abdominal crunch. Lay on the floor with your knees bent slightly. Place your hands behind your head, or folded on your chest. Raise your head and shoulders using only your stomach muscles for power. If you chose to put your hands behind your head remember not to use them for pulling. The work must be done by your abdominal muscles. Do two sets of ten crunches.

The second variety of crunches requires a slight twist, literally. Position yourself identically, but this time as you use your head and shoulders turn your shoulders slightly to the right. On your next rep turn your shoulders slightly to the left. These small twists will bring your obliques into the action while still working on your abdominal muscles. Do two sets of 10 reps. On both types of crunches if they become too easy just hold a weight plate, or other weighted item across your chest to increase the resistance.

If you thought you were done crunching you were wrong. This time we are going to do a reverse crunch. Your head and shoulders remain flat on the floor with your arms lying on the floor beside your torso. Raise your legs into a 90 degree angle, the knees can be bent. In this positions pull your knees towards your chest while trying to rock your hips upwards with the pull of your abdominal muscles. This crunch will target the lower part of your abdominal muscles.

With only these four stomach exercises for women you can produce a strong, flat and sexy stomach. You will have a stomach ready for the beach, short shirts, and looking great in those tight tops and dresses.

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