May 272010

One of the biggest problems when you are getting older, or have not been exercising regularly is losing your range of motion. The movements which used to be easy now are difficult. Getting improvement is your range of motion is only one of the stretching benefits you can experience. Stretching is one of the best way to improve you body’s capabilities, and to get other added benefits.

With a program of daily stretching you can increase your range of motion no matter what age you are. The best time to start to use stretching exercises is today. If you are 20 years old you will still get an improved range of motion and maintain it throughout your life. If you are 70 years old you will start to regain your range of motion, getting back the freedom to do things you took for granted before.

Another of the stretching benefits is improved coordination. Flexible joints, and limber muscles make motion much easier. Stretching can improve muscle condition. With this combination you will discover you have more physical dexterity and coordination. Instead of tripping over every little thing, and feeling clumsy, you will move gracefully and easily about the house and world.

One problem which creeps into your life as you age is poor circulation to extremities. Stretching can improve circulation throughout your body, and especially in your limbs. With consistent use of stretching exercises your cold feet will begin to stay warm, your cold hands will regain better circulation and feel warmer. Exercise and stretching benefits can begin to change your life in just a few weeks. It takes consistent practice and effort, but the changes can be dramatic.

How often do you finish a day with tense shoulder muscles, an aching back, and other aches and pains? By starting and ending your day with stretching you can begin to eliminate these troublesome problems. Many days it is just as bad starting off the day. It is a big effort to get out of bed due to aching joints and muscles. The is one of the most important stretching benefits, giving yourself back a body which functions smoothly throughout the day from the time you wake up, until you close your eyes at night.

The importance of stretching increases with each passing year of our lives. If you are not carefully taking care of your body you will discover you are no longer capable of my activities. It is important to maintain flexibility. If you do not the things you love will suffer. Bowling, golfing, dancing, and even gardening all require flexibility and muscle fitness. By starting to work on these issues today, you ensure a healthy more enjoyable life throughout all of your years. Stretching benefits are important for everyone, whether you were the best athlete in your class, a business man, or a factory worker, stretching is going to allow you freedom from many of life’s most annoying physical limitations. Losing your range of motion should not be accepted as normal, you should challenge it, and start stretching daily.

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