May 272010

Have you every watched the way Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, or Jean Claude Van Damme kick their opponents down and out? With Tae Bo you can take fat and give it the beating it deserves. Fat may be your enemy, but Tae Bo can defeat it every time.

Tae Bo is a powerful combination of Taekwondo and Aerobics originated by a dynamic and powerful motivator Billy Blanks. This workout is filled with intense punching, kicking, and constant movement. The powerful motivation provided either in videos by Billy, or by Tae Bo instructors, drive you to workout hard. This type of workout is not for everyone, but if you want excitement, fun, and a great physical challenge it may be exactly what you want.

When you first here this program described you would assume it is a workout routine for men. In most classes you will find as many, if not more, women working out. Both men and women enjoy learning to kick and punch while getting a full body workout. This is one place Tae Bo excels over many other workout programs. It will hit every muscle in your body, and you will feel it. Expect to put on a little extra muscle due to the powerful movements. This is part of Billy’s plan for creating a better body for his students.

Another exciting thing is knowing you are creating powerful punching and kicking techniques. It is not really intended to be a self defense lesson, but you will feel more confident in your ability to defend yourself because you are a practiced veteran of kicking, punching, and you have developed a strong, toned, and fit body. In a crisis it is always good to know your body is ready for action, instead of being stuck in a body which is out of shape.

Your exercise classes will be fun, but expect to feel the sweat rolling off your body. You are going to be burning calories at an accelerated pace. The music is loud and quick. The instructor will be barking out instructions and leading your through a quick paced workout. You are going to feel the fat burning off your body. This is quickly going to show up on the scale and on the tape measure. Your clothes are going to first start fitting better, and then you will notice they are too large for your body. Not only are you getting smaller, your shape is becoming athletic. You are not soft and round any longer, but strong, lean, and fit.

Tae Bo is one of the most fun, intense, and exciting ways to change your body. You will quickly see the camaraderie which builds in these kinds of classes as everyone overcomes the same challenges. Even if you choose to workout at home, Tae Bo is very fun. Talk with your family before you start, or they may come running when they hear you grunting, yelling, and sometimes breaking out in laughter. The screams they may hear are just your fat running for cover. Fat knows it is no match for your new punching power.

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