Conquering the Downside of Athletic Injuries via Preventative Sports Medicine: Four Treatments You Should Seek Often for Optimal Performance

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Mar 282014


Active athletes are more susceptible to injuries that most other people. The sheer brunt of the impact sports they undertake puts their bodies at grave risk of sustaining injuries. Whether your preferred sport is baseball, running, swimming, biking or even football – just to name a few – impact injuries can and do happen all of the time. Before they happen, it’s never a bad idea to seek a consultation from sports medicine doctors to learn more about preventative and post treatment options that you can consider for rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy

Sports injuries are nearly unavoidable. Where there are active athletes, there are going to inherently be impact injuries. One odd fall or trip and you could end up tearing a ligament or tendon—taking you out of the sport you love for weeks or even months upon end. One of the most tried and true methods of resolving this is by working with specially trained doctors and trainers to rehabilitate your soft tissues. Via a proven medicinal process of physical therapy, pain can be managed while healing and resuscitation is encouraged, drastically decreasing the downtime from many major sports injuries.


Aqua Therapy (Hydrotherapy)

Water therapy is a popular option in sports medicine that involves using cold and hot water as well as certain water massages and hot and cold treatments to help increase circulation and encourage a shorter healing process in certain sports related injuries. Treatments can range from ice water treatments to hot water, sauna and even hot tub and water jet treatments, according to a entry.

Massage Therapy

Seeking regular massage therapy is one of the best preventative measures of sports medicine that any athlete can pursue. Massage therapy helps to increase circulation to your soft tissues, enabling them to heal and to calm down faster. It’s particularly helpful in treating scar tissue areas, where clumps of scarred tissue can commonly flare up, decreasing circulation and sending fleeting signals to the nervous system, resulting in aches, pains, throbbing pain, muscle spasms and overall discomfort. Regular massage therapy helps the body better heal itself from sports injury—and also enables the muscles, tendons and ligaments to be more responsive to the healing process while aiding in stretching them to prevent future injury.


Magnetic Therapy

According to an article that was published on the Huffington Post regarding using magnetic therapy in sports medicine, columnist Richard C. Senelick MD breaks down the intrinsic benefits of this therapy in the sports medicine field. In the article, he outlines the immediate benefits that this therapy has to offer for athletes, benefits which include: increased blood flow or enhanced circulation, reduction of fluid and retention of swelling with injuries in addition to nerve benefits.

Learning More About Your Options

Before you pursue any type of sports medicine treatment, be it preventive or rehabilitative, it’s always a good idea to learn more about the treatments, what options you have and what elements such treatments entail. A great place to learn more information is by going directly to the source, such as the scope and contrast of educational information that you will find at the Integrative Spine & Sport website; a prominent sports medicine practice. By learning more about what treatment sects are out there that can help—you can take more proactive and progressive measures to assure optimal athletic performance when on the field.