Jan 192014


When done right, boxing is one of the best exercises around. Getting the proper boxing bag is an imperative part of doing it right. Speed, heavy and double end bags are just a few of the options available for you.

Speed bags are the fast-moving ones you see extending from an overhang. They work on your reflexes, speed and agility. The overhang is generally installed on a stand or the wall. It takes a lot of work to get the timing down on hitting those little things. But, once you do, your reflexes and speed of your punches will definitely improve.


A heavy bag helps you improve the power in your punches. They generally hang from the ceiling and are fairly beefy, weighing anywhere between 25 and 150 pounds. They are usually sand, sawdust or any other number of fillers surrounded by a vinyl or leather bag. While the leather bags are pricier, they do last longer than the vinyl ones.

The double end bag has elastic bands which are attached to the bottom and top of the bag. The other ends of the bands are attached to the floor and ceiling. They are available in speed bag and heavy bag sizes. This bag helps you with your speed, agility and ability to aim. It also bounces back towards you so you get to work on your blocking and dodging skills at the same time.


Boxing provides a great cardio workout while toning your muscles at the same time. You can perform these exercises even if you never step into the squared circle to get hit upside your head. Using any of these three bags will give you an excellent workout. Other types of bags are available, but these will cover all the basics for you.