Nov 292013

muscle-and-fitnessYou have probably seen the Muscle and Fitness magazines in the grocery store near the checkout stand. They are usually right beside magazines like the National Enquirer, Vogue, and McCall’s. It is the magazine which highlights the massively muscular men of bodybuilding and power sports. Why would this magazine be important as both a diet and fitness resource?

The Knowledge of Extreme Athletes

The one thing you need to understand about bodybuilders is they are extreme athletes. When they choose to lose fat they are not happy with getting down to 10-15% body fat, they attempt to get down to single digit levels of body fat so their muscles are displayed to their maximum. The techniques they use to drive their fat levels down are highly effective for anyone trying to lose weight and get fit.

When you browse through an edition of Muscle and Fitness you are going to be faced with extreme workouts, but a ton of common sense information, also. If you do not desire to have massive muscles then you should focus on some of the columns and articles in their magazine. In a recent edition you would have found articles about:

  • Lean Meals that Taste Great
  • Ultimate Fat-Burning Plan
  • Gymless Workout Blueprint
  • 9 Routines Under 25 Minutes

These types of articles will help you create a workout plan to get fit and lose fat. When a bodybuilder tests out a workout plan their evaluation is based upon results, not speculation. They measure their muscles on a regular basis. They monitor their weight. They keep close track of their body fat percentage.

They can tell you with absolute certainty what works for their body and what does not work. This is the reason their workout routines and diets should be considered when you are designing your own plan. You know you will get results.

Supplements for Increasing Your Fitness

The other item which the editors, authors, and athletes who contribute to Muscle and Fitness research in extreme depth are supplements. When you read their articles about using a variety of different protein supplements, amino acids, creatine, or testosterone boosters you will get the straight facts about results, not advertising claims. You will quickly discover combinations which work for one athlete may not work for another.

The fact that not everyone responds the same is an even better reason to continue researching ideas through the pages of Muscle and Fitness. You will find articles written by a variety of people talking about their metabolism, supplements which have worked for them, and you can choose plans which meet your body-style and metabolism most closely.

The other important facts you will learn in Muscle and Fitness is how to buy supplements and exercise equipment on a tight budget. You will find a combination of high-end equipment and low-cost equipment evaluated in every issue. This helps you make the right purchase to meet your needs without wasting money. A subscription to Muscle and Fitness will save you money on your purchase of supplements and equipment which far exceeds the cost of the magazine.