Motivating Your Fat Kid to Fitness

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Dec 192013

fat-kid-fitnessAre you the parent of a fat kid? You know it is not healthy for them but you might be struggling to get them motivated to exercise or to change their eating habits. There are a few hard truths you are going to have to face.

The Facts about Fat Kids You Are Avoiding

You are probably going to protest these facts are not based in reality, but instead of arguing listen to your heart for a moment. Here are a few items you must consider:

  • Parents have far greater control of their child’s eating than they like to admit.
  • Some children will only exercise when taught by example.
  • The child is not to blame.
  • Snacks MUST be removed from the home.
  • Whining and crying are not reasons to eat.

It is amazing to visit a grocery store and watch the parents of a fat child walk up and down the aisles with filling their cart with sweet snacks, chips, soda, and other non-nutritious foods. If you are guilty of this then ask yourself who is to blame for your child being fat?

Go through your home and look in the refrigerator and cupboards. Are the snacks and foods you see going to help your fat child become healthy or remain fat? Give away the foods which provide no nutritional value and replace them with healthy alternatives. As a few examples of logical swaps:

  • Potato Chips – Unbuttered Popcorn
  • Candy – Fresh Fruits
  • Ice Cream – Low Fat Low Sugar Yogurt
  • Soda – Water, Unsweetened Ice Tea (Try to avoid using diet soda.)
  • Sweetened Breakfast Cereals – Whole grain cereals and fresh fruit
  • Whole Milk – Skim Milk

By making simple logical changes you can start helping your child to lose weight and improve the health of everyone in your family. They will fuss, complain, whine, and possibly cry. You must be strong while they adjust.

Exercise is the Catalyst to Creating a Healthy Child

You may exercise regularly at a fitness center or in your home gym, but do you engage your child in the same activities? When you exercise hidden away from your child you are not setting the example they desperately need to see. If you do not exercise, it is time to start to give them an example. Choose an activity they can accompany you on. It might be cycling, walking, hiking, or even a kickboxing aerobics class. Try to choose an activity which will peak their interest and then join them. You can inspire your child to start exercising.

If your child is resistant to traditional exercise then you need to start participating in outdoor activities with them which seem like play. Basketball, playing with a Frisbee, games of tag, swimming, and other activities which get them moving, laughing, and having fun will help them to start getting fitter and losing weight.

The hardest part of being a parent of a fat kid is taking responsibility. You must lead them and guide them to change. It may not always be easy, but it is the best gift you will ever provide them.