Walk and Save

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May 012014


Getting fit and saving money can actually walk hand-in-hand. Today’s ease of transport makes life much more convenient, however a sedentary lifestyle can cost in more ways than one. The body functions best when used and a lack of exercise can lead to a variety of health problems ranging from joint pain to heart trouble.

Those with desk jobs have to carve out time to get moving yet paying for a gym membership isn’t the best way to go for anyone on a budget. There are plenty of fitness programmes that can be implemented without paying gym dues. For instance walking is a terrific form of low-impact exercise that can benefit mind, body, and one’s back account.

Financial Savings

A surprising number of organisations are offering discount plans and rewards programmes for those who take physical fitness seriously. Many chemists now have loyalty cards, as do vitamin shoppes and many produce markets. Some employers may even offer incentives for workers who strive to lose weight and add regular walking to their weekly routine.

Some countries, like the US, may offer lower health insurance rates for participants who make physical fitness a top priority. Being more physically fit in early years can also spell fewer physical ailments later in life. Plus walking means using less petrol or public transport, which is another great reason to get out for brisk treks.


Health Benefits

The physical benefits of walking are myriad. Those who really get moving are able to lose weight and tone up. Plus quiet time alone can be a great way to prepare for the work day or mull over problems whilst performing a moving mediation of sorts. Moderate amounts of time in sunshine can also help minimize symptoms of depression, anxiety and other signs of Seasonal Effect Disorder.

Just be sure to wear proper footwear with adequate arch support and to also stretch before and after each walk. It’s also wise to buy high performance socks that wick moisture. When walking remain aware of hot spots developing and cover with mole skin or a bandage to prevent blistering.

Good for the Environment

In addition to being good for one’s health and savings, walking helps take a little strain off of the environment, as well. People making the conscious decision to switch out motorized transport for cycles and walking can have a substantial positive effect on the planet. Plus the benefits ripple down in numerous ways from less traffic congestion and pollution to a smaller carbon footprint.


Get Moving

For walking to become a part of every day life it takes just a little bit of planning and then commitment to see it though. Keep shoes in a visible and convenient location to stand as a reminder. Also allow plenty of time for fitting the walk in several times a week.

The time can be used listening to music, podcasts or audio books or the time can be used just thinking. Note though that it’s important to remain aware of surroundings at all times and it’s also wise to have a walking buddy as an added safety measure. If interested in seeing how far you travel then get a pedometer or install one as a mobile app. Make sure to have water handy and sun cream and a hat. Also always have a friend or family member know your schedule and route.

Additional notes: For those walking to work don’t forget to take appropriate business shoes to change into and a change of clothes, if need be. Also remember that extra steps can be made simply by parking further away than usual and also taking fast-paced rounds throughout indoor malls during inclement weather.

Big steps or small, the thing is to make a concentrated effort to get moving and to make moderate physical fitness are regular part of life. Not only will physical benefits abound but it could spell financial savings and a smarter approach to the planet’s health.