Increase Your Zest for Living with GoodLife Fitness

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Dec 122013

good-life-fitnessGoodLife Fitness has become the largest fitness group in Canada because of passion. Their prices are not guaranteed to be the lowest. You might find a facility with more equipment, better parking, or some other little item you like. What you will not find at other fitness centers is the passion for teaching and fitness which is found in every trainer and employee at the GoodLife Fitness centers.

Passion for Fitness is Demonstrated in the GoodLife Classes

GoodLife has a series of exciting and life enriching classes they offer at all of their facilities across Canada. A few of the classes you might be interested in include:

  • BodyPump
  • CXWorx
  • BodyVive
  • Zumba Toning
  • BodyFlow

This is just a sample of all the intriguing classes and exercise groups offered by GoodLife Fitness. To understand why Canadians prefer GoodLife requires a little closer look at some of these courses.

BodyPump Getting Fit and Strong at the Same Time

BodyPump is one of the innovative classes offered by Goodlife. It utilizes a barbell for resistance paired with challenging exercises, fast paced music, and choreographed programs to make a weight lifting circuit training exercise plan which will increase your strength and cardio fitness rapidly. In a 60 minute class you burn over 600 calories.

CXWorx Develops a Flexible Powerful Core

The CXWorx is a system designed by Les Mills to focus on your mid-body core. You develop powerful abs, buttocks, lower back, and other core body muscles. The workout is only 30 minutes long but is very intensive. It is a great workout for people not seeking to develop massive muscle size but wish to develop core strength.

BodyVive Is THE Workout to Overcome Exercise Burnout

If you struggle staying interested in your workouts you must give GoodLife Fitness BodyVive a try. It is a fast paced lower impact aerobic class with a twist. It uses a combination of balls and tubes, along with your own bodyweight, to create a fun filled workout which seems to always be changing. The music will inspire you to push harder. Since it is a low-impact exercise class it is ideally suited for pregnant women, new mothers, people recovering from minor injuries, seniors, and anyone not wishing to take a pounding during their workout. It increases core strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. Of course the best feature is the fun.

Smiles are Mandatory with Zumba Fitness

One of the most interesting group exercise classes at GoodLife Fitness is the Zumba Fitness. You will have a hard time getting rid of your smile even as the sweat drips from your body. You will be dancing and exercising to hot music from around the world. The mixture of rhythms and moves will have you constantly smiling and looking forward to your next class.

GoodLife Fitness did not become Canada’s premier fitness centers by accident. They give clients exactly what they want. They get fun, fit, and high quality all for a reasonable price. While they may not always be the cheapest in town, you can be sure they will be the best experience in town.