May 112010

To build muscle, you need to both work out hard at the gym, but also have a proper diet – just eating random foods will never give you the appropriate results; your diet needs to have lots and lots of protein in it, and also optionally concentrate on several other elements, depending on your body type. And if you’re stuck trying to make the perfect diet for yourself, don’t worry – in this article, we’ve covered some basic foods that can work a long way towards helping you build muscle mass quickly and almost effortlessly.

First, one of the best types of healthy food all around – fish. It doesn’t really matter which kind you eat, as long as it’s a type of fish, you’re good to go. It’s a great food in many aspects, mainly because of its high protein contents. It’s not only plentiful in quantity, but also high-grade as well – plus, most fish contains pretty much no carbs. It’s also good for your brain due to various contents of the meat. And if you don’t enjoy eating plain fish by itself, there’s always plenty of options – use it in a sandwich, or a salad, etc. Tuna is also good, but make sure you go for the kind that’s in water, not in oil.

Let’s not forget eggs when we’re talking about high-protein foods as well. Eggs are also highly beneficial for muscle gain, as their protein is extremely easy for the body to digest, which makes them a popular element of any bodybuilder’s diet. It’s worth noting that they’re a piece of cake to prepare, too – anyone knows how to boil a couple of eggs for breakfast – so really, you can’t expect your diet to be good for gaining muscle if it doesn’t include eggs.

Dairy products are also useful for this purpose, but make sure to watch out for those fat counts – there are several types of dairy that can be used safely, as their fat contents aren’t that high, for example cottage cheese and plain milk. Yoghurt can also be good, but again, watch those fats as some brands tend to be very rich in that department. On the other hand, yoghurt is very useful for some of the bacteria it contains, as they can work towards cleansing your body a great deal. There are some brands that even concentrate on those bacteria a great deal.

There are other classic high-protein foods used by bodybuilders – like chicken. In fact, you’ll hardly find a bodybuilder that doesn’t have it in their diet. Chicken is good for a variety of reasons – it’s rich in protein, easy to prepare, relatively cheap, not to mention tasty (if you like meat, that is). Turkey is a good substitute if you want to spice up the taste a little, and it holds more or less the same benefits as regular chicken meat, so by all means go for it as well.

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