Apr 212014


Hearing loss is a common problem, but numerous people who are affected by it do not seek medical help. There are several reasons for this. They may not realize they have lost some of their hearing, and no one has told them, either.

They may be scared to admit they’re losing their hearing. They may also feel embarrassed about it, thinking people will feel sorry for them if they have a hearing aid or not wanting to admit they are getting older.


But, the truth is hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe suffer from loss of hearing. You shouldn’t feel awkward about it. If your hearing is impaired, don’t hesitate to get the assistance you require. Just in the United State alone, more than five million people use some sort of device to help them with their hearing.

There are many causes for hearing loss. Among them are:

  • Birth defect – Among birth defects, being born with your hearing impaired or not there is the most numerous.
  • Genes – Another widespread reason for hearing impairments. Genes that are recessive and dominant are possibly responsible for hearing loss.
  • Presbycusis – This is just plain old getting old. As humans get older, higher frequencies become harder to hear.
  • Loud noises – Constant exposure to noisy environments can lead to hearing impairment. This can include loud music, gunshots, heavy machinery, and many other things. It also gets worse as you get older.
  • Illness – Diseases such as mumps, meningitis, measles, and many other can cause loss of hearing if not treated in time.
  • Chemicals – This cause is not as prevalent, but drug abuse and ototxic chemicals can also lead to hearing impairments.


Hearing loss or impairment can affect you and the people around you. If you think you may be losing your hearing, or you’ve been told you are, you should seek help from a hearing specialist so you can get it addressed. There are many options available today which can help you.

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