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Rubber bands, Thighmasters, elliptical machines, and lunges all work on your thighs, but are they really thigh slimming exercises? You do not want to work and work and only find out your legs are getting larger, not smaller.

Before we jump into any exercises it is important you understand your own body very well. If you are looking for thigh slimming exercises hoping to lose fat in only your thighs it is very unlikely to happen. Fat goes on in sequence. Think back to when you gained weight and what time in the sequence your thighs began to get larger. Some people gain weight first in their buttocks, then thighs, and lastly their waist. In this sequence as you exercise and diet you would lose size and fat in the last area to gain it. You waist would decrease first, followed by your thighs, and lastly your buttocks. Knowing what to expect can help you avoid frustration because you can see progress and know your goal is approaching.

The second fact you must understand before beginning thigh slimming exercises. Exercise alone seldom slims any body part. You will need to cut back calories, eliminate processed sugars, and reduce fat in order to lose fat and get the leaner, slimmer, firmer look you want.

Now that we have all the preliminaries out of the way, thigh slimming exercises are actually very easy. You have basically only three motions your are needing to complete to work the entire thigh effectively.

The inner thighs are often the area most complained about, especially among women. To target firmer muscles in this are requires a squeezing motion. You can use a thigh machine in the gym, a Thighmaster you buy online, or use a ball. Placing a ball between your knees and then squeezing your knees together tightly is a very effective method to firm the inner thigh muscles.

For the front of your thighs leg extensions or squats are the preferred exercises. If you are going to a gym check out the machines for doing leg extensions. This will target the quadriceps in the front of your leg firming them rapidly. If you are working out at home the easiest exercise will be the squat. Starting out you can just use body weight, dropping down until your knees reach 90 degrees, and then power back up. As you develop a little strength hold a pair of dumbbells in your hand for added resistance, or use a barbell held on your shoulders.

The last area of your thighs you need to target is the back of your legs. The hamstrings are most effectively worked with leg curls, but this requires the use of a leg curl machine or bench. If you are working out at home you can do lunges. Lunges consist of putting one foot behind you, the other foot ahead of you. Bend the knee in front deeply until the knee reaches 90 degrees. Your back knee will likely touch to the floor. At this point power back up to a straight front leg. Repeat on this leg for about 10 reps and then rotate legs.

Thigh slimming exercises are not magical, they are actually very simple in nature. The most important aspect is to recognize the need for proper diet and nutrition to help lose the fat while you firm the muscles.

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