Jul 072010

Is that really the way you want your stomach to look? Of course not, you want to have a great looking stomach for wearing all of the great outfits for spring and summer. You want to wear tight jeans, and tight tops which show off your great looking tummy. It is time to start hitting the tummy toning exercises to get your stomach ready for action.

If you really want to have a great looking stomach we need to work on the entire abdominal area of your body. By getting the center of your stomach and the side muscles of your tummy all in great shape, strong, and fit, you will have a tummy you are proud to show off.

The number one exercise for building up strength in the abdomen is the crunch. It looks easy, but try telling yourself that after you do several sets of crunches back to back. The crunch is simply done by lying on the floor, rolling your head and shoulders up using the power of your stomach muscles. Hold the up position for a moment or two before dropping back down. The real trick to crunches is to never release the tension at the bottom before starting the next repetition. Expect your abdomen to feel the burn in just a few reps.

When the crunches become a little too easy, start holding a heavy book, a weight plate, or other weights on your chest with your arms folded across your chest.

To start working on the sides of your abdomen we are going to use exactly the same exercise, but you are going to start rotating your shoulders on each crunch. On the first time up twist slightly to the left, on the next rep twist slightly to the right. Your abs are going to complain about this exercise. This exercise is going to help transform your tummy.

Time to have a little more fun in your tummy toning exercises. You are going to pretend to ride a bicycle, except this is a little more challenging. Staying on the floor on your back put your hands behind your head and lift your head and shoulders a little. Now you need to start alternating lifting your knees similar to riding a bike. As you lift one knee bring the opposite elbow towards the rising knee. This exercise works the entire abdominal area and is going to help create a tremendous looking stomach.

These few exercises are enough to make major changes to the look of your stomach if you add one more ingredient. Most times your stomach is covered with a layer of body fat hiding the real power of your stomach. Cut your calories a little bit so you start losing weight slowly. Then when you employ these tummy toning exercises your new stomach fitness is going to show up rapidly, making all of your clothes look great, including the tightest, sexiest clothes you own. If you do not own any sexy clothes, it is just about time to go shopping.

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