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Your upper arms are a two sided adventure. You have the impressive biceps on the front of your arms. The true power and shape of your arms is determined even more importantly by the triceps on the rear of your arm. Ignoring either side in your upper arm exercises will leave you with unimpressive toothpicks, instead of the great arms your want.

The biceps are muscles most guys love to focus on. This is the impressive peak which they love to show off to admiring women, and jealous guys. To create arms which look impressive you must work hard on the biceps using powerful pulling or bending exercises like the barbell curl or dumbbell curls. The curling motion is the only form of exercise which directly targets the biceps muscle.

This may get you to start wondering why there are so many different forms of the curl. You have the standing barbell curl to build massive power and size. You can use standing dumbbell curls to give you more isolation while building your biceps. For complete isolation and building great peaks the preacher curl is one of the favorites. The preacher curl isolates the muscle completely by using an arm rest to stop your body swaying assist to the lift.

Many upper arm exercises use special curved bars to assist in muscle sculpting. The bars turn your hands slightly allowing for a more complete contraction of the muscle, and for you to be able to target different areas of your biceps.

The rear of your arms, the triceps, is where the real size and bulk of your arms will be developed. This is an extension exercise in contrast to the curling action for the biceps. Popular exercises include the lying triceps extension, the close grip bench press, and the triceps kick back. All of these exercises do a great job of isolating the triceps and helping you to pack on muscle.

The close grip bench press normally allows you to handle the most weight and is a favorite upper arms exercise for packing on more bulk. The triceps kick back and the lying triceps extension focus all the effort into the triceps and are great for creating definition.

The best way to use your upper arms exercises is to complete them both in the same day. You can start with working out your triceps by doing several sets of these exercises, and then switch to doing the curling motions for your biceps. By working the two sides back to back you get added benefits to both muscles. Many bodybuilders and power athletes will combine their upper arms workouts into the same days they workout their chest and upper back to give a complete pump to their upper body. By focusing on the push and pull of curls and extensions you will soon create great looking arms.

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