Jul 072010

One thing which you must understand about a weight lifting guide is their benefits and hazards. Yes, a guide can be a huge hazard to your success.

How can a guide be a hazard? When you start relying on a weight lifting guide as the answer to all of your workout questions you are doomed. The guy who wrote the guide does not have a clue about your body, your muscle composition, your diet, or your personal goals. If you follow the guide to the letter, you are working to fulfill the writer’s goals, not yours.

The benefit to a good guide is in the advice it gives you. It helps you to see more options for working out. You learn new exercises, new ways to lift, and can be inspired. As an example, say your chest has quit responding to your normal routine of bench presses. You need to get your chest out of the rut it is in by shaking it up. Look through the guide and find several new chest exercises you have not used and then add one or two to your workout. You can start hitting your chest from new angles, giving it new stresses, and targeting new tissue in the chest. Suddenly your chest is on a growth cycle again.

The guide will probably give you advice on eating properly, too. Once again, this is an area of benefit and hazard in the weight lifting guide. How does the writer know what your calorie requirements are, your current size, and how hard you are working out? Use the guide to give you ideas, and then modify the plan to hit your goals. If you are trying to lose fat you may need to reduce the amount of calories they are recommending. If you are in the middle of a mass building segment of your weight lifting plan, then you will need more carbs, and even more protein to fuel your growth. Take their guide as exactly what it is, a guide, not a set in stone plan of action.

Should you follow the workout routines lined out in someone’s guide? It really depend on if your goals matches their goals. If you bought the guide knowing their goals matched what you wish to accomplish the plan could work perfectly. You will need to watch the results and make changes as your see progress, or lack of progress. Weight lifting is just like every other portion of life, you start with a plan in front of you, and then you need to fine tune until your get the results you want.

Go ahead and get a great weight lifting guide to use for generating ideas, and to help you design your plans. They can help you come up with plans and ideas you would have never dreamed of on your own. The only real hazard is when you become stuck on believing a guide is the only way to success, and forget to make changes for yourself.

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