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Becoming massive, powerful, and ripped is not an accident. It takes careful planning, massive effort, and extreme nutritional attention. Weight lifting nutrition is not a single diet plan, but a series of plans to meet the needs of your current training cycles. Are you ready to hit the big leagues?

The first thing you need to decide about nutrition is what your goal for weight lifting is. Are you trying to become the most powerful man in your school, gym, or community? Are you trying to build the best looking most symmetrical body possible with deep cuts? Are you trying to pack on muscle mass rapidly? All of these goals require careful planning in your nutrition. You must consider the food you consume and the supplements you will use to have the highest levels of success.

If your weight training is primarily to develop power and you are not overly concerned with deep cuts and extreme leanness your nutritional needs are going to focus on eating high amounts of natural proteins in your diet. This should come in the form of poultry, eggs, dairy products, beef, pork, and fish. A good mix of protein sources will help to make sure you get the best amino acid profiles to help build muscle quickly. For supplements consider adding creatine, powdered proteins, and other amino acid supplements. If you are in competitive sports make sure to check the rules in your sport to make sure what supplements are allowed and which can cause problems. Even though you are not concerned with your overall level of leanness still check the label for sugars and avoid them.

When you are training in a bodybuilder’s methods you are going to have two sequences in your weight lifting nutrition. The first sequence is to build mass. For this section of your training follow the same pattern as mentioned above for power. Eat plentifully and supplement your diet to make sure your muscles are getting plenty of building blocks to grow.

In your second sequence of weight lifting nutrition for bodybuilding you must cut calories and lose fat. The only way to get cut and ripped is to lower your body fat to under 10%. This is going to take massive discipline in your diet. Drop out the pork and beef which are high in fat and eat more fish and poultry. Eat primarily breast meat in your poultry selections to keep the fat level low. Grilled is the preferred method of cooking to avoid adding calories. Supplementation becomes critical at this point to make sure your muscles continue to get plenty of nutrition but without all the calories. Check the formulations on your protein powders very carefully. Many of the proteins on the market have extra calories you do not want.

For all lifters your weight lifting nutrition must contain plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your levels of fiber, vitamins, and minerals high. While you can take vitamin and mineral supplements they are not as effective and digestible as natural sources. The key to success is plenty of growth spurring protein, amino acids, and nutrition without empty calories weighing you down.

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