Sep 012010

What do you wear to the gym for your workouts? Sweat pants, cut off shorts, gym shorts, and all kinds of clothes find their way into the gym. Weight lifting pants are designed to give you style and one additional big bonus.

How long have you been lifting? If it has been very long you have probably started to notice a big problem when shopping for clothes. Pants with small waists and massive legs are not common. You look for jeans and end up needing to buy the baggy versions to make sure your thighs fit. You buy dress pants and you need to buy them too large and then have them taken in by a tailor. Are you doing the same thing for your workout gear?

When you are getting ready to do some serious deep squats you need pants which give your legs complete freedom and are not tightly holding your legs. Due to your extreme training and massive legs you are hitting a problem. You can buy over-sized workout pants and then pull the drawstring extra tight to make sure they stay up, or you can buy true weight lifting pants.

Weight lifting pants are cut to fit your legs properly and fit your waist at the same time. The makers of weight lifting pants realize lifters are not built normally, they are built exceptionally. The legs are given extra room to let you move and workout with complete freedom, while the pants stay up around your waist properly. This is the big bonus, pants which fit right without needing a tailor.

You might be wondering why you need weight lifting pants in the first place. You may be heading to the gym wearing just a pair of gym shorts and feel like it is perfectly fine. If it works for you then keep doing it. Many lifters want to have their legs covered for at least the beginning of their workout until they are completely and thoroughly warmed up. It reduces potential cramps, muscle pulls and aids in getting the body warmed up quickly. They have the gym shorts hidden under the pants ready for action after the first 15 to 30 minutes of the workout when the sweat is rolling.

Weight lifting pants are not going to be found in your local superstore. They may have plenty of workout clothes, but they do not understand the needs of true power athletes like you. You can find pants in some sporting goods stores, but usually in limited styles and sizes. If you want to get the best styles, a little bit of unique flavor, and the right size you will need to shop online.

Is a pair of weight lifting pants going to transform your workout? No, it just makes your workouts more comfortable, you warm-up faster, and makes a statement you are a serious lifter. Get one pair and see how they feel. You are going to love the fact you have finally found a pair of pants which fits right off the shelf even with your massive thighs.

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