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Using the proper weight loss workout routine can make the difference between getting stuck in weight loss or having continual successful loss. Using the right combination of exercise in your workout routines is required for the best results.

Too many weight loss programs focus too heavily on cutting calories, pushing supplements down our throats, or improper exercise. Cutting calories too deeply leads to a serious slow down in your metabolism which can bring your weight loss to a halt very rapidly. Even worse when you begin eating more your metabolism can take a long time to adjust and you pack on fat pounds.

Supplements can be beneficial but are not a replacement for proper eating and exercise. Use supplements only in the manner they are intended, as an aid to weight loss, not as the method to weight loss.

Now that we have covered those two bases, what do you really need in your weight loss workout routine? It should cover two important areas, aerobic fat burning exercise, and resistance training to build your metabolic engine.

The aerobic fat burning exercise should be done at least 3 times per week. You can choose any form of exercise you enjoy which raises your heart rate and makes you perspire lightly. Exercise bikes, treadmills, aerobic dance classes, fast walking, and jogging are all great options. For a more energetic workout you could try a martial arts exercise routine. Pilates and Yoga do not qualify as aerobic exercise.

For your resistance training you have two primary choices. You can choose weight lifting which is the most common form of training. Working out with weights will increase your strength, give you gains in muscle condition and size, and increase your metabolism. You should do resistance training a minimum of twice per week with three days being ideal.

Your other choice for resistance exercise is using one of the non-weighted forms of resistance training. These can include body weight exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups and others. Pilates classes, using exercise resistance bands, or weighted exercise balls all qualify as resistance training, too. Pilates will not increase muscle as much but does increase core body strength very well.

By combining resistance and aerobics exercise you get a dual advantage in your weight loss workout routine. You burn calories quickly on your aerobic workout days. On your resistance training days you are redesigning your body to burn even more calories. You are increasing lean muscle which requires more calories and helps notify the body it is not in a starvation situation avoiding the decrease in metabolic rate.

When you exercise properly dieting becomes easy, weight loss is consistent, and your body changes in appearance more dramatically, quickly approaching the ideal appearance you have in mind.

Make sure you include a good variety of resistance and aerobic exercise on alternating days in your weight loss workout routine and you are sure to have a successful diet. Without proper exercise your diet is almost certain to be difficult with high risk for failure.

  3 Responses to “Weight Loss Workout Routine – Increase The Speed Of Weight Loss Easily”

  1. Love it, it is just that simple, so many people are looking for a quick fix, I myself have been guilty at one point or another.
    Do it right and live healthy and you will have success!!

  2. I like that.
    Its a good idea

  3. I agree with you. Proper exercise and diet are a team. You have to combine them cohesively. So burn excess calories in your workout and make the right food nutrient choices to give your body the best results you want.

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