Apr 032010

Most are aware that jogging is one of the best sports/exercises to both lose weight and maintain a healthy body. But just how much does it benefit us exactly? Not many know precisely what happens to your body while you’re jogging, and knowing can sometimes make all the difference between simply being effective, and getting the most out of your workout.

For starters, jogging is a great cardiovascular exercise. This means that it stimulates the heart and blood vessels to a great extent, training them and increasing their capacity. For your heart, this will mean that it will increase its ability to pump blood, and this will in turn reflect on your overall health, benefiting most of your organs.

Your lung capacity will also be improved – you’ll notice that as time goes by and you train more and more, you’ll be able to go for much longer without having to stop to catch your breath. This, in turn, will help you improve your jogging as well – by being able to run longer, you’ll very easily burn a lot more fat in a single session.

But undoubtedly the biggest impact jogging has on your health is how it affects your metabolism. While you’re jogging, your body slowly picks up the pace at which most of your organs work – until it reaches a certain point at which your heart is racing, pumping blood strongly, and you notice you’re running out of breath. This indicates that you’ve entered the accelerated fat burning state of your metabolism – from then on, all it takes is to simply keep it up for a few minutes to reap the benefits of it on your weight.

Let’s not forget your leg muscles as well – when people are practicing bodybuilding, legs tend to be left ignored somewhat, as most concentrate on their upper body. If you want to have nicely developed legs, but don’t want to spend much time for it in the gym, jogging will be of huge help here as it will stimulate your leg muscles steadily and help you develop them over time.

You’ll also develop a good posture – standing up straight is very important for proper jogging technique, and with time, you’ll get adjusted to doing it subconsciously. This habit of standing up straight will eventually carry over to your everyday life, and you’ll notice you’re keeping a much nicer posture while walking down the street. This not only makes you look better, it also adds to your height a tiny bit and overall gives a good impression of your health!

Of course, jogging comes with its risks as well as benefits – if you’re not careful, you can get yourself in some health troubles. Try to avoid running when it’s cold – the cold air can quickly cool down your organs, which in turn will lead to some negative developments in your body. The last thing you want to be doing when trying to lose weight, is to lay around in bed all day – so do your best to avoid that.

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