May 082014


Whether you’ve got a snow-capped mountains near you or not, snowboarding is becoming an increasingly popular action sport wherever you are. Most major cities now have an indoor slope with either real or fake snow, and there are also a lot of outdoor areas covered with a snow-like surface. If you’re looking for a new way of getting fit that doesn’t involve the gym or running, then this could well be for you.

The first thing that you’ll notice about snowboarding is that it is a cardio-intensive workout. You’ll get hot, sweaty and burn a lot of calories. It’s not uncommon to be burning 4-600 calories each hour you’re on a board, so this is an ideal activity for those looking to get really fit or to lose weight. Although it looks like your legs are staying still, they actually have a lot of work to do when carrying you down a slope, so don’t underestimate the fitness levels that are required to be a truly great snowboarder.


It’s not all about cardio though – as an action sport, snowboarding involves a lot of strenuous physical movement, which means that it’s great for giving the muscles a workout. Although it might not seem like it at first, you actually use all of the major muscle groups, and can easily build core strength.

All of your leg muscles are used to ride, steer and absorb impact, including your little-used ankle muscles. Your arms and shoulders also get a good workout because you’ll be constantly using them to keep your balance and push yourself up when you inevitably fall.

Finally, working all of these different muscles means that you’ll improve your flexibility and the health of your joints. Constant twisting and moving is natural when snowboarding, so you’ll become a lot suppler, and your balance will get better too, provided you learn properly, and don’t do yourself an injury by falling or twisting awkwardly.


Learning to snowboard doesn’t require any prerequisite skills, so you can take yourself down to just about any slope and start learning and getting fitter right away. You can rent most of the equipment that you’ll need from most slopes, but for maximum comfort and to get the best out of exercise, it’s always better to buy your own gear that fits you perfectly and does what you need it to do. High Octane Sport have got a great range of clothes for boarders of all ages.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get fit, and want an exciting way of doing it, then get online and search for slopes and beginner classes near you.

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