Apr 032010

When time is an issue, a lot of people turn to home-based training as a solution. The advantages are obvious – by performing your workout at home, you’re able to save time, as well as even money that you’d normally pay for gym subscriptions and things like that. On the other hand, if you’re not experienced or informed enough, working out at home can turn out to be somewhat detrimental to your success later on. In all cases, it’s good to familiarize yourself with your options.

First, understand that you’ll most likely not be able to do absolutely everything at home – for example, good cardio exercise comes from jogging or cycling, which are obviously not suitable for doing at home. Sure, you can get a treadmill or a stationary bike (veloergometer), but those can’t replace doing your workout in the fresh air outside. So, with this in mind, dedicate some of your time every week for going out to do this type of exercise.

What you can do at home is quite diverse, actually, even without any special equipment. First there’s the usual pushups, situps, etc – those are relatively good for keeping your body toned as a whole, but can also strain specific muscle groups quite nicely and provide a fantastic effect on your health. If you have a suitable place in your house, you can also go for pull-ups, but not everyone has a place to do them at home – you can always install a bar yourself, but be careful to make it stable enough.

If you have a larger, more spacious room, get a jumprope and start using it every day. It’s a great exercise that trains your dexterity as well as your leg muscles, and gives you stamina on top of that. While you’d tend to hear people talking about the jumprope as something not entirely useful nowadays, it’s still in fact being utilized by some professionals, for example boxers and martial artists. In any case, it holds many benefits and shouldn’t be disregarded as useless – just don’t rely on it too much.

Never underestimate the usefulness ot having a personal trainer, either – it may sound like spending your money in vain, but personal trainers can benefit you a lot, in the least by helping you pull through your workout much faster and more efficiently. A personal trainer can also help you with the motivation problem, which will become much more prominent later on than it is now – and will require appropriate attention.

If you find out that home training isn’t working out for you, by all means look for alternatives – don’t try to substitute it entirely from the very beginning, but try to find some exercises and workout routines that you can mix in, gradually moving away from your home in your workouts. Remember, the important thing in the end is that you feel comfortable doing your workouts!

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