May 112010

Some people find themselves struggling at the gym quite a bit – not only that, but their efforts appear to be in vain later, when no progress can be noticed in their muscles’ strength. On the other hand, we have some individuals who just can’t seem to stop building up muscle mass and getting stronger and stronger. So what’s the secret to getting rid of this progress blockage and actually getting somewhere? What makes those people so good? – and no, it’s definitely not genes, they don’t affect you to such an extent.

The secret, ladies and gentlemen, is this: they’re simply more informed. What, it makes no sense to you? Think about it. How much information and knowledge do you actually have when it comes to bodybuilding – what do you know about the specific exercises and how they affect your body, about the various diets there are and the difference between working out to build muscle and to strengthen it? There are tons and tons of information about bodybuilding out there, and the truly successful ones are those that are able to properly seed out what they need and synthesize it into a system that they then use to no end, until the result is there.

If you feel disappointed after following the previous two paragraphs, don’t be – you should in fact take some time to revise your strategy. In many cases, when someone decides they want to build a body, they sign up for the gym right away without giving much though to any actual planning. With most, the general idea is “I’ll do some reading a bit later when I have time” – the truth is, if you start working out without having prepared yourself with the appropriate information beforehand, whatever you do at the gym would be mostly a waste of time – time you could’ve spent improving your knowledge on the matter!

Also, with today’s strong availability of information (we’re talking, of course, about the Internet), you simply have no excuse for not being able to find out something that you need in order to advance. If you can’t find the information directly, the next best thing to do is to sign up at a popular discussion forum and ask your question there – you never know, you may actually like the place and start hanging out there. This is something which we actually recommend, as forums can be a very useful resource for those that use them – just make sure you don’t get too sucked into it. Only read and post as much as you need to.

In the regard of sharing information with others, don’t forget about the other people at the gym. If you notice someone is making particularly good progress, simply approach them and ask them if they’re doing anything specific to become that good. Just make sure you do it after the person’s done working out – there’s nothing more annoying than a stranger coming up with random questions right as you’re trying to concentrate on pushing that last rep!

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