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Are you like so many other people and on a tight budget? You start looking at fitness centers and it seems you must make a choice between great equipment and facilities or low price. Fitness 19 has a motto which says “Where You Can Afford to Get Fit”. This is a motto they take seriously.

The problem with many fitness centers which adopt a budget slogan or motto is it shows up in the quality of their facilities and equipment. You walk in the door and the equipment might look old or not well maintained. Their building may look run down and is in a bad part of town. With Fitness 19 their motto of keeping prices affordable are teamed with providing the best quality equipment and facilities possible.


Getting Strong on a Budget At Fitness 19

One of the most impressive areas in Fitness 19 facilities is their free weights area. You will see rows of chromed weight sets, dumbbells of all weights, barbells, power racks, benches, and every piece of equipment you can imagine.

The free weight areas are designed to satisfy the needs of almost any level of person. The benches, Smith machines, and power racks are all high-grade designed to withstand the abuse a power-lifter, bodybuilder, or strength athlete can throw at them.

The area is setup to be easy for someone new to using free weights to get started, too. The trainers are ready to walk new members through a variety of exercises and instruct them in the use of the weight machines.


Keeping Money in Your Pocket While Getting Aerobically Fit

Obviously there are many people who have no interest in free weights. Fitness 19 is packed with the latest technology in aerobic fitness equipment, too. Fitness 19 has selected the top quality Life Fitness cardio equipment for their facilities. This equipment is designed to give exercisers high comfort, high adaptability, and a challenging workout. You will enjoy the brushed metal look of the equipment which works flawlessly every single workout.

The fitness centers have elliptical, exercise bikes, treadmills, stair climbers, and cross trainers. To get the best quality workouts and levels of fitness the trainers often recommend rotating equipment on a regular basis to avoid stagnation and plateaus in your fitness level.


Strength Training Machines

You may want to get stronger but dislike the idea of using free weights. Fitness 19 installs a variety of Life Fitness and Strength MTS brand equipment in their facilities for you to get strong, powerful, and fit without the need of touching free weights. This equipment gives you a higher degree of safety with excellent range of motion.

Fitness 19 has one other feature which amazes first time visitors. They are staffed with qualified, highly trained personal trainers. You will not feel like you have been thrown into the middle of an exercise paradise but with no idea of how to use it. The trainers are ready to work with in on an initial consultation or to guide you through every workout. Whatever your needs you can be sure Fitness 19 will give you an affordable option you can live with.

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  1. I love this gym, they are the great.

    It’s realy close to my apartment so it gives me more motivation to hit the treadmill.

    Like my PT (personal trainer) always says to me, PUSH IT!!

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