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Yoga exercises for beginners can be very fun and exciting, but be careful about watching advanced yoga practitioners before your first class. You may see them in some unusual pose requiring exceptional flexibility and scare yourself away.

The reality of beginning yoga, it is very easy to do for anyone. You just need to select poses you can do with only minor stretching, and start learning to breathe, relax, and meditate into the pose. You will soon feel your muscles and joints learn to relax, your range of motion increase, and more advanced poses will begin to seem possible.

One of the biggest challenges for any beginner in yoga is learning to relax. You enter the class filled with excitement and a little fear, which of course causes your muscles to be a little tense. Learn to breathe slowly and deeply to help you relax allowing your muscle to become more pliable.

A great way to start off is with one of the easiest yoga exercises for beginners, the corpse pose. It is exactly what it sounds like. You are going to lie flat on your back, arms slightly spread to both sides, legs slightly apart. The challenge in this pose is to become totally relaxed while staying completely aware. Still your mind, feel the muscles relax and unwind, allow your body to become completely limp. This pose is often used at the end of classes as a final relaxation, but when you are beginning yoga it a great way to start a class. It helps you to get into a state of relaxation, and proper mental preparation for additional poses.

Another pose you will want to use as a beginner is the bridge pose. This yoga pose is performed by starting on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, arms extended above your head. Now push down with your feet, and upwards with your buttocks to lift your body into a straight line from the knees to your head. Hold the bridge position for 30 seconds or longer if possible. This yoga pose is great in conditioning your lower back, arms, buttocks, and abdomen.

Another one of the simple yoga exercises for beginners is the seated forward bend. In this pose you start from a seated position on the floor. Bend forward bringing your nose towards your knees. Gently grasp your legs with your hand to give you a little further stretch. Hold the position, focusing on your breathing and relaxing into the position. This pose is great for stretching and toning the lower back and hamstrings on the back of your legs.

This is just a small sample of the yoga exercises for beginners, but as you can see there is nothing to fear. You do not need to jump into the middle of complex poses when you are first starting off. Learn to do the easy poses first, allowing your body and mind time to adjust and relax into yoga. Then when you are prepared you can begin to advance into new and more exciting poses.

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  1. This is a great post for beginners. Too many people shy away from starting yoga because they think it is too difficult for them to master. Your post will make more people consider taking up this wonderful form of exercise.

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