Apr 032010

Working out, by itself, is highly beneficial for your health, and mostly everyone is aware of that. However, by not doing it properly, you’re losing a lot of that potential benefit, and if you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fitness efforts, you should take the time to learn the basics behind bodybuilding. We’ve outlined some tips below – even though you’ve probably heard some of them, take the time to go through them as what is common sense to some can always come as new knowledge to others.

1) Rest a lot – your muscles will need time to recover after a good workout session, and if you don’t give them that time you won’t see a substantial growth in their size. Not only that, but you’ll also be more likely to feel tired and unable to continue during your workouts, as your muscles may not have properly recovered from the last session. Try to have at least one day of rest for every two or three days of working out.

2) Get plenty of proteins – they’re what helps your body build muscles, so you need to supply it with them on a constant basis. If you can’t eat your favorite protein-rich foods on the go, make a habit of taking a protein shake with you wherever you go – it may not be as good as real food, but at least it will keep you fed and your body can function normally.

3) Drink water – before, during, and after the workout. It’s especially important to drink while you’re performing your exercises, as your body basically uses water as fuel and this will help you be much more efficient in your exercises. Just don’t fall for the “thirst trap” and drink too much at once, as this can get you to sweat a lot and will make you feel heavy in your stomach.

4) Increase the difficulty – in order for your body to keep progressing on a constant basis, you’ll need to make your workouts tougher and tougher as time goes, to prevent it from getting too adjusted to the various exercises. It’s a good idea to keep your exercises varied in the same regard as well – that way you’ll be training different muscle groups better and more efficiently.

5) Find a partner – having a gym partner has various benefits, most of them psychological. If you can share your success with someone else involved in the same activity, it becomes that much more rewarding. Also, your partner can help you go through some of the more challenging exercises, holding your weights and such. Likewise, it will feel rewarding for you to know you’re helping someone as well.

6) Follow your progress – everyone does this differently. Some take pictures of themselves, others record their measurements. Whatever you choose, the important thing is to know that you’re moving ahead as time goes by – this will motivate you to go on when things are looking down.

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