Jun 212010

Are you considering joining a Pilates class, but trying to figure out what benefits you will really see? There are five major benefits of Pilates you will gain from the exercise routine. Let us take a look at each of them.

1. Flexibility and Range of Motion – When you begin thinking about the benefits of Pilates, one of the biggest is your increased range of motion. With the motions and stretches in the Pilates routine, your back, and extremities will become more flexible with a greatly improved range of motion. This is great news for the elderly and people who have seen their range of motion decreasing.

2. Improved Circulation – Deep stretching has been shown to help increase circulation in the body. Pilates is filled with deep stretching, and you will begin to feel the benefits of better circulation in your hands, feet, and all portions of your body. With better circulation your hands stay warmer, your feet do not get as cold at night, and you feel more energetic. Having great circulation is necessary to both fuel all parts of your body, and to carry away the waste.

3. Improved Posture – When you start developing your core muscles and focusing on proper form, you begin getting one of the most noticeable benefits of Pilates. You will stand taller, straighter, and look more confident. When you move your body will flow with your improved posture. Have you noticed how someone with great posture seems to be in more control? They appear to be in command of their body, and filled with energy. Someone with poor posture looks tired.

4. Abdominal and Core Strength – The Pilates program focuses most of its efforts on improving your core strength. Your abdomen, lower back, and buttocks will increase in strength and stability. This gives you the powerful core which makes all other functions of your body movement easier. A strong core helps to eliminate injuries, and is the catalyst for all the other benefits of Pilates. This strong core helps to give you more energy, which transfers into higher levels of confidence, and happiness. When you feel confident in your body’s ability to handle challenges, you will find more joy in life.

5. Reduced Neck, Back, and Joint Pain – When you improve your flexibility, strengthen your core, and learn proper body movement, you will experience less pain in all of those annoying areas. If you thought living with pain from working at a desk, in a factory, or at a check-out stand was normal, you are wrong. When you learn and work with Pilates, you will learn new ways to move, and have the strong core needed to stop pain before it happens.

The benefits of Pilates may not include items like losing weight and increasing cardio fitness, but it does revolutionize your body. You will move differently, feel better, and change your look by practicing Pilates. It is one program where the benefits make the effort worth every moment.

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