Sep 012010

It is time to get in shape, lose weight, firm up, and most importantly have some great fun in your own home. The best workout videos take exercising at home from boring drudgery to exciting and entertaining.

Not everyone has the time to run to a gym and workout with a great trainer and a class full of other inspired people. Working out at home can seem very isolating and leave you feeling very unmotivated. If you want to really kick up your home workouts, and not feel so alone, try one of the following workout videos.

If you love aerobic dance to burn the calories and get your heart thumping one of the best workout videos you can buy is Dance Off The Inches: Hip Hop Party by Jennifer Galardi. This video has great fast paced music and a great dance routine to go along with the Hip Hop music. If you have children they are going to want to join the party.

Guys, If you are going to hit the weights at home and need to learn a great workout and pump up the inspiration it is time to workout with Ronnie Coleman. This 8-time Mr. Olympia will teach you all about getting a big pump, the proper way to lift, and get you chomping at the bit to workout hard.

For anyone who wants a power packed, fast paced, energizing, and inspiring workout it is time to grab one of the best workout videos of all time, Billy Blanks: Ultimate Tae Bo. If Billy cannot get you motivated you need to check your pulse, it is probably missing. Billy is a master trainer, kick boxer, and one of the most inspiring trainers you will ever watch.

Just because martial arts are involved does not mean the action has to be fast, screaming, and filled with furious kicks and punches. For a more gentle, empowering, and stress relieving workout check into Scott Coles: Discover Tai Chi. Tai Chi is practiced by large numbers of people in China and throughout the Asian world. The flowing smooth movements strengthen your body, relieve stress, and burn calories.

To get a longer, lean, and more agile body you may want to give Pilates exercise a try. Pilates has become one of the fastest growing exercise phenomenons and one you will love. To get a complete understanding and learn how to do this unique form of exercise grab the DVD by Lara Hudson titled, The Ten Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates.

No matter what type of workout you are interested in there are great DVD’s to help you learn, enjoy, and become proficient at their techniques. The few exercise solutions listed above are just a few examples of the best workout videos you can find to enjoy. You never need to feel alone, bored, or uninspired about your exercise again. Just grab a great exercise video and enjoy your workout.

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