Sep 012010

The confusing world of boxing strikes many new boxers with fear of hitting the weight room. You hear all the fearful thoughts of lifting weights slowing your punch, making your feet slow, and opening you up to a faster opponent. Boxing and weight lifting do not need to be exclusive, they are a great pairing if done properly to build endurance, speed, and explosive punching power.

What kind of boxer do you wish to be? If you want to have knock out power you need to stop and think where all of this power is going to come from. A powerful knockout puncher is going to have strong arms, strong shoulders, strong rotational muscles in their upper torso, and powerful legs. The power of the punch comes from the floor all the way through the end of your glove.

When you are wanting to build knockout power combining boxing and weight lifting training is the perfect road to take. Where many lifters are focused on only building size and massive power your focus will be completely different. You need to focus on several aspects of weight lifting for the greatest success.

The first area is to lift for power. Do this area with focus on basic moves and staying within a limited schedule of lifting. A few sets with reasonable weights is what you wish to shoot for. Focus on exercises which work large groups of muscles. Bench press, squats, military presses, and dead lifts are good basic exercises to increase your strength without making you slow.

The second area is to work on explosive fast power. Holding dumbbells and jumping, high speed cleans bringing the bar from the floor to your chest, and light weight fast squats are all good for increasing powerful speed. Focus on speed in these lifts to improve your power through the speed of your punches.

The last area is not technically weight lifting, but is crucial to include when you start lifting. Make sure you do a wide range of stretches, and body weight exercises to keep your joints and muscles long, lean, and flexible. This is the area which keeps you fast with a full range of motion.

When you combine boxing and weight lifting you are not heading down a road to failure but a road many of the world champions in boxing have already traveled. They became world champions by going beyond what other athletes were willing to do. Champions like Manny Pacquio, Evander Holyfield, and Mike Tyson all used weight training to increase power. Are you ready to enter the arena of champions, or stay an average boxer?

When you hear other boxers talking about how boxing and weight lifting do not go together check into their records. You will discover their knockouts are non-existent. You will discover when you see boxers who hit the weights, at least modestly, they have more strength, better power, improved ability to absorb punches, and more knockouts. Winners train at a higher level and it shows.

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