Sep 012010

You have probably heard people talk about the body-mind connection. Do you have any idea how powerful this connection really is? Your body plays a critical role in communicating thoughts, feelings, and ideas to your brain. By improving your body responses you improve your ability to think clearly. Brain Gym Exercises are designed to keep your mind engaged and ready for action.

Brain gym exercises are not strenuous and can be accomplished by virtually any adult or child. In schools which have added these exercises to their classrooms they have seen great gains in focus and concentration.

While almost any exercise can help stimulate blood flow and increase your concentration there are a few exercises which can be practiced easily in a classroom setting to help stimulate the entire class.

Let us take a look at a couple of the easy exercises you can use. The first one is called Brain Buttons. This one is very simple but helps get the mental motors running a little faster. Take one hand and using the thumb and forefinger start tapping just below the collar bone. While continuing tapping in this area use your other hand to start patting your stomach over your belly button. This simple movement may lead to a few laughs in the class, but it will help get blood flowing to the brain and prepare those young minds to excel in class.

The next exercise is a little more active, but requires almost no space and is fun. Stand-up and while lifting your left knee tap it with your right hand. Alternate lifting the right knee and tapping with your left hand. This crossing over movement engages more areas of your brain, gets the blood flowing and will help the class be mentally alive.

These two exercises are very simple and just adding them for yourself or a classroom can make major changes to concentration levels and learning ability.

One other big recommendation from Brain Gym Exercises has nothing to do with exercise but everything to do with the importance of water for our brain function. When we are not hydrated properly our mental processes slow making our ability to focus difficult. It is recommended to drink plenty of water before and during classes.

These few exercises are just a start to improving your mind-body connection. Brain Gym has over a dozen separate exercises to help you improve your mental power and alertness. The biggest failure in education is leaving children behind. Often their only problem is a lack of focus. Using Brain Gym Exercises allows you to improve their mental preparedness for the class, which helps them excel. No one needs to fall behind due to lack of mental energy.

Since you can improve the ability to think with just a few simple steps are you going to get out there and do it? You can improve mental capacity and retention with very minimal effort by learning more about Brain Gym Exercises.

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