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Pedal, pedal, pedal, the spinning pedals of an exercise bike can become a tedious drone in your ears. A treadmill is no better. Are you one of the people who have come to believe your cardiovascular workouts have to be boring? Using cardio circuit training is one way to drive away the boredom and increase you overall health.

What is cardio circuit training? Instead of using only one exercise machine, or exercise type, you are going to start rotating through a series of exercises. If you goal is to get an energized aerobic workout for 40 minutes every day, you can break the time down into a challenging series of activities. This is going to keep your mind interested and engaged, while your body gains the benefits of working additional muscles. Let us take a look at an example workout.

For your 40 minute cardio circuit training workout we are going to break it down into 5 different exercises. You are going to rotate through the 5 exercises (one circuit) two times doing each exercise for 4 minutes. If you cannot do a particular exercise for the entire 4 minutes, then rotate on to the next exercise in the cycle. You will just need to start into a third circuit to finish out your full 40 minutes.

Our Example Circuit:

Exercise Bike – 4 minutes – Pedal intensely. Do not take it easy on yourself during this four minutes. You want to get the heart pumping and prepare for your next exercise. Keep track of the time and be ready to move on.

Jogging in Place – 4 minutes – Jog fast enough to keep your pulse in the training zone. This is putting some new stresses on your body, but this is good thing. Watch the clock.

Push-ups from knees – 4 minutes – Do not attempt to do this with straight legs to start with. It is very unlikely you will be able to do this for the full four minutes, but do not worry about it. Do as many push-ups as possible and then move on into the next exercise in the circuit. With time you will build up the number of push-ups you can do, and will approach being able to do 4 minutes.

Side to Side Jumping – 4 minutes – Place a small object on the floor and jump back and forth sideways over the top of it. Make sure it is a flat item in case you would happen to come down on top of it. As you get stronger over the upcoming weeks you can use slightly higher items to make yourself jump even higher.

Sit-ups – 4 minutes – Once again, do not expect yourself to hit 4 minutes on this part of the circuit. If you can, excellent, be proud of yourself. If you cannot, move on to the exercise bike again and start the circuit over.

As you can see from this example, cardio circuit training works more parts of body, keeps you excited, or maybe a little frightened at what is coming next. You are going to build a more balanced and healthy body using circuit training. Keep in mind this is only an example. You should create your own series of exercises choosing ones you enjoy and which target parts of your body you wish to change.

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