May 252010

Sometimes getting to the gym is not as easy as everyone makes it sound. The only time you have to workout is in the morning while the kids sleep, or after you tuck them in bed at night. You really do not need a gym to get into great shape. Cardio exercises at home are very easy, and just as effective as heading to the gym. Sometimes they can be even more fun.

Are you thinking the last statement is a bit crazy? How can you possibly have more fun at home alone doing cardio exercises than being surrounded by like minded people? Honesty time, most people are not that comfortable exercising in front of other people when they are really out of shape. Most of us are not willingly to get a little crazy when we are surrounded by other people. When you do cardio exercises at home all limitations can be thrown out the window. If you want to exercise to Jazz, Rock, or Mozart, you get to choose. If you want to howl at the moon while you exercise, just make sure you warn the family, they will want to join you.

Cardio exercises can take many forms. Do not get hung up on the idea of needing an exercise bike, treadmill, stepper, or cross-trainer. You can get a great workout with just your body, a little floor space, and your DVD player. Why not grab a few DVD discs showing some great kickboxing cardio workouts, an aerobics dance workout, and one with a good boot camp workout. Now you can rotate shows and workouts and have an exciting workout every day. You will be doing push-ups, sit-ups, jogging in place, kicking, punching, dancing, and having fun.

The real fun of doing your cardio at home is you get to play. You can have a wide variety of workout movies, music, and ideas. Your workout time can become playful, instead of serious. You may be sweating like crazy, huffing and puffing, but you are having a good time. When you get finished and are dripping in sweat you will not compete for the showers, you just walk to your bathroom and have a nice pleasant, long, soaking shower.

What if you choose to buy some cardio equipment for the home? Then still search out some good videos to exercise with. You may love having a Tae Bo video playing while you are on the treadmill. Punching your arms while you jog or walk on the treadmill can energize your workout. Hearing and seeing the intense workout on the TV screen adds to your own intensity and fun. You will accelerate your weight loss and your fitness improvement. If you want something a little more laid back, then get one of the movies simulating running or riding down a country road for your workout.

The best thing about cardio exercises at home is the freedom. The freedom to exercise, play, and have fun your own way. Go ahead grunt, holler, and scream, it is your home, and your workout.

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