May 272010

There you sit in front of the television pedaling your bike. You have the tension set to a level you are comfortable with, and you have a pace locked in. Does it sound familiar? If you really want to get the best benefit out of your equipment and have more fun, you need to follow an exercise bike workout system.

What does an exercise bike workout add to your normal routine? You will need to start varying your pace, your tension, and your attitude. There are several ways to go about getting a great program. The first method is to check what your bike offers. Many exercise bikes include an electronic workout routine which can automatically vary the tension and prompt you to speed up or slow down. Honestly, this is the most boring way to have a varied workout. It is rather dull.

Another way to get a great varied workout is to use your television and a workout DVD. There are great exercise bike videos which are created to help you simulate real riding experiences. You get scenery, music, and prompts to adjust your tension and speed based upon the terrain of the video. This method of creating a workout can be fun, stimulating, and adds a few mental stimulants.

Do you really want to kick it up another notch? You can choose your own playlist of songs, and music videos and put them on your television or computer to watch while you exercise. Put in a great mix of slow and fast paced songs. Use the tempo of the songs to determine the speed of your pedaling and the tension levels you set on the exercise bike. This helps you get almost the feeling of dancing and playing on your bike. It can be a very motivating way to design your exercise bike workout.

There is one more suggestion which works great for many people. Use exercise videos for other kinds of courses. The trainers normally will be varying intensity, shouting out motivation, and you see the excitement of their class. This can help motivate you to pedal faster, remember to change the tension, and enjoy the excitement. You may even choose to start adding some of the upper body movements from their classes into your exercise bike workout. This can increase the efficiency of your workout and improve your upper body fitness. The important thing, have fun with whatever you are doing. When you have fun you workout harder.

These techniques are primarily for creating an exercise bike workout for your home equipment. If you are going to a fitness center to use the stationary bikes, then partner up with another person. You can set the bike’s built-in programs and then have fun competing against each other. No matter how you choose to create or work on your own plan of exercise, get out of the rut of pedaling at one tension and one speed. You will get faster and better results with variety in your workout from both your body and mind.

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