May 272010

One of the most defining parts of a great body is a slim, flat stomach. When your stomach bulges out, it destroys your appearance and increase health risks. You can exercise to reduce tummy size, and get the slim firm stomach you want.

Hopefully you are not living in a fantasy world, because we are going to discuss the real world here. In order for exercise to reduce your tummy to be the most effective you are going to need to contribute one more thing. You must take control of your diet. The fastest way to reduce your stomach size is to reduce your intake just a little and then let the exercises do their work. You do not need to kill yourself on a major diet, just use a little common sense and cut back on a few calories.

Now that we have the bad news out of the way, what exercises can you do to reduce the size of your stomach, and start developing a sexy middle. We need to take a well rounded approach to the stomach if we want to get the best possible shape. We need to hit the upper abs, the lower abs, and the obliques on the side of your abs.

The first exercise you should be doing is abdominal crunches. This exercise is like the beginning of a sit-up, you simply come partially up, and then you intensely contract the muscles. This exercise focuses on your upper ab area, and will create a powerful and flat stomach.

To address the lower areas of your abdomen, leg raises are ideal. Keep your knees bent slightly, and raise your legs to about a 30 degree angle from the floor. Then lower and repeat. You will feel the leg raises in your entire abdomen, but focused in your lower abdominal region.

To get the best looking shape you must work on the sides of your abdomen, too. The external obliques help to draw in your sides, and to firm up the entire region. Use the same two exercises as above, but change your focus by pulling to the right and left. In the leg raises allow your knees to bend a little more as you lift your legs, drawing them to the right side on the first lift, then to the left side on the next lift. With the crunches instead of rising evenly with both shoulders tilt and rise from the left shoulder on the first rep and then lead with the right shoulder on the second rep. These slight twists require the obliques to be used to pull.

Exercise to reduce tummy does not need to be complicated. Just the simple moves we discussed can tighten and flatten your stomach quickly. Combined with a modest diet you will quickly start seeing a new trimmer you in the mirror. There is nothing magical needed, just a little persistence and desire on your part. It is all up to you.

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