Jun 212010

Your overall height is determined by many factors in life. One factor is genetics. Another factor is lifestyle. Exercises to increase to height can actually help in both areas. By exercising you can maximize your genetic potential, and reduce the height reducing factors of lifestyle.

Have you noticed how as people get older they seem to get shorter? It is not just your perception, they actually do get shorter. Gravity is pressing down on their body frame for years causing compression and shrinkage. You can battle this change, and actually make your body taller with proper stretching and extension exercises. Yoga and Pilates workout are great for stretching out your cartilage, ligaments, and your overall body to reduce the effects of gravity.

One exercise many people use to battle the effects of gravity is hanging. It sounds a little silly, but using gravity to reduce it’s own effects can really work. Hang from a chin-up bar for several minutes daily, or even better, a couple times daily can help to decompress the body, stretch out and straighten your spinal column, and make you taller. This is not an exercise which can be done a few times and then expect the benefits to stay with you. You need to make this part of a lifestyle change, and do it daily.

Pilates and Yoga have about the same effect. Using the poses, stretching, and balancing movements in both of these exercise styles can help stretch your body, and improve the strength of your core. Keeping your muscles lean, long, and flexible will help you stay at your tallest potential.

What about genetics? It has been shown repetitively in scientific studies exercise, especially resistance exercise, can increase the production of human growth hormone. HGH is one of the key ingredients in helping to maximize your genetic potential. This is more effective the younger you are. The highest benefits will come to teenagers and young adults. The older you are the less likely you are to spur a new growth cycle. Do not let this deter you from using resistance exercise when you are older. The added HGH will reduce the effect of aging including the normal shrinkage seen any many adults as they age.

Hearing this about HGH many people want to leap to the conclusion they should be adding human growth hormones artificially. This sounds great until you realize there are risky side effects by doing so. Giving your body proper nutrition and promoting the release of natural HGH is much more effective, and completely safe. Added height would be very useless if you lost your health. Exercise and do things the right way for the greatest benefits.

Exercises to increase height are not a myth. Stretching and extension exercises can help you maximize your existing height, reducing the effects of daily living. Resistance exercise can help produce higher amounts of HGH to fuel reaching your genetic potential. Use exercise to become your maximum height.

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