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The big event is just around the corner. You are beginning to feel the pressure of losing weight, and looking great. By using a combination of fast weight loss exercises and a sensible diet you can reach your goals. What are the best exercises to help you lose weight?

There are two sides to the coin in fast weight loss exercises. The first side of the coin requires exercises to burn calories and get the fat off of your body. The second side of the coin requires exercises to build lean muscle, to increase your ability to lose fat. Losing weight is not your real goal, losing fat is the goal.

Back up and read the last sentence again. You may believe you want to lose weight, but you must lose fat, not weight. Here is the difference in the two statements. Losing weight can come in the form of losing water weight, lean muscle, or fat. When you lose water weight it rapidly returns once you start drinking normally again. The dehydration risks can be very severe. Losing lean muscle is the worst thing you can do. When you lose muscle you are slowing down your metabolism allowing fat to become even more dominant. Losing fat is the goal. You can lose fat, while losing very little weight and look much different.

Here is a recommended set of fast weight loss exercises. Set up a plan of exercising 6 days per week. You are going to workout 3 days per week on your fat burning cardiovascular exercises. This can include jogging, an exercise bike, fast walking, an aerobics class, or any other favorite fast paced exercise. Plan on spending 30 to 40 minutes each of those days exercising. Set you goal to go a little further, or to increase your pace a little each day. If you are walking, try going an extra 10 to 20 steps each exercise session, while keeping your time the same. This will push you to improve gradually burning off more fat.

On the other 3 days of the week you are going to work on increasing your lean muscle. For beginners the best plan is to use body weight exercises. Sit-ups, ab crunches, push-ups, lunges, one legged squats, and other exercises. This helps to increase your muscle, accelerating your fat burning. Ladies, do not worry, we are talking about very modest gains in muscle which will only increase your level of firmness, overall tone, and enhances your shape. You are not going to build large muscles with this workout.

By combining both strength and cardio exercise you are creating a fat burning machine. This combination is the fast weight loss exercises you need to meet your goals. The changes can be very rapid, and very impressive. The only thing required is your own motivation and commitment to make it happen. Are you ready to look fantastic? Then get started, and change your body.

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  1. The best exercise for me personally to lose weight is Tae Bo. I find it super fun, it gets my energy levels up and my heart rate pumping. Usually some pretty hot chicks in each class too. hehe.

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