May 272010

Do you believe the only way you can make time for exercise is if you do it at home? You are missing out on the best part of getting fit. A fitness class is much more than just getting the exercise you need, it is about changing your life.

Seriously, do you believe you are going to stick with an exercise program at home? People buy exercise equipment every year, start using it, and then next summer sell it a garage sale. They used the equipment for a few months, and then it started gathering dust in the corner. They knew better, and still know, they need exercise. Exercising at home even with the best equipment becomes boring, and tiresome. You start losing motivation and soon you quit.

When you join a fitness class you add several important factors to your exercise. First, you create a new level of commitment. You are investing in a monthly fee, and you are going to feel motivated to make sure the money does not get wasted. Secondly, you make friends. Do not under estimate the importance of these new friends. This is the key ingredient in increasing your motivation and interest. You are not going to want to disappoint your friends by not showing up for class. You will be excited to see these friends during the week, too. All of you create higher levels of motivation in each other with your sharing and gentle joking with each other.

There is another reason a fitness class is important, the trainers. They are the ones who specialize in getting the most out of you. They will help you learn proper techniques, monitor your progress, and give you motivation. Instead of feeling alone and unsure of what you are doing, you have someone to consult with. When you feel discouraged you can talk to your trainer and explain why you are feeling down. They will have ideas to adjust your workout to get added benefits, changes in music to inspire you, and maybe even some great books or videos for you to watch to lift your spirits.

You remember your worries about time? You are talking about only 15 or 20 minutes extra per day over working out at home. The only time difference is the distance between your home and the fitness class. Do you really want to take a route which will probably end up with failure, or a method which will inspire you and transform your body? Is an extra 15 minutes really that hard to find?

The sad thing about trying to workout at home, you will probably lose all your money on the exercise equipment. The same amount you spent buying the equipment could have easily enrolled you in a year or two in a fitness class. Instead of throwing your money down the drain, invest it in a healthy, fit future. The class is going to change your life in ways you could never anticipate. Give it a try and discover the amazing difference.

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