Sep 012010

Quick results are easy when you know the best fitness workouts for you. Hopefully you read the opening line carefully, if not, go back and read it again. Fitness workouts are a dime a dozen and almost everyone of them works. Before you can get quick results you must first make some quick decisions.

What are your fitness goals? This question sounds so simple but the answers from people vary so greatly. Do you want to lose weight, increase cardiovascular fitness, pack on muscle, get stronger, become lean, or improve in a sport? The answer to this type of question is going to determine the needs of your workout and get you on the road to fast success. You can answer with more than one choice, too.

A great example would be to say, “I want to lose weight, about 20 pounds, increase my cardiovascular fitness, lower my blood pressure, and get lean.”

When you read the example above your fitness workouts need to be highly focused on aerobic training. Aerobic exercises like an exercise bike, aerobics dance, jogging, and walking can all lead to increased weight loss, better cardio fitness, lower blood pressure, and leanness. Focusing on doing 30 to 45 minutes of exercise 5 to 7 days per week will get you started on quick results. You would need to modify your diet to reduce calories a little, too.

Another example would be to say, “I want to increase my speed, become stronger, gain 20 pounds of muscle, and prepare for football season.”

This example requires a completely different fitness workouts to reach your goals. You would want to plan on weight training 3 days per week doing basic heavy lifting to increase strength and power. You would want to plan on the other 3 days to be focused on running, but not in a jogging style. Go to the track and jog the curves and half the straight areas, then sprint for 40 to 60 yards at high speed. You may even want to do a little zig zag running to improve your lateral speed and movement.

The entire point of this article is let you see the importance of considering your goals in concert with your fitness workout planning. You are almost certainly trying to get fit with a motive, few people just suddenly say, “I want to get fit”, they have an ulterior motive. Choose your goals and then start choosing exercises which lead you to it, not away from it.

Too many people want to get lean, strong, and powerful looking and then buy an exercise bike to get fit. They will get fit. They will get lean. They will not get strong and powerful. You would need to plan your fitness workouts to include strength conditioning along with the exercise bike to reach your actual goals and dreams. Working out is always more fun, more successful, and kept with over the long haul when you are working towards you real goals. Create your goals and desires first, then you can be guaranteed to have quick results.

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