May 112010

Medicine today is split up in several schools, each concentrating on curing diseases and conditions through different means. Traditional medicine, for example, puts more emphasis on (as its name implies) more traditional methods, such as using herbs and natural products to induce healing. Modern medicine tends to be the complete opposite of that idea, using the latest in technological advances to aid the patient and help them in their well-being.

But there is a concept known as holistic healing which sees recognition in most, if not all, of medicine’s different schools, and is accepted as a valid idea for improving one’s health. The idea is that the body’s health doesn’t come directly from its physical condition, but is a combination of your physical, psychological, and emotional state. Thus, according to holistic healing principles, to attain perfect health, one must take equal care in ensuring that all of the aspects of their lives are developed equally.

Several things need to be changed in your lifestyle if you want to get as close as you can to perfection in your health. First and most important, you need to review your diet and completely re-design it, throwing out all the junk food and unhealthy stuff. This may seem like common sense for getting healthy in general, but it actually contributes to the well-being of your spirit, thus helping you improve your overall health.

Next, in regards to feeding, you should do your best to avoid any toxic substances, or ones that otherwise hurt your body. This can include a variety of things, and yes, it includes alcohol and tobacco too – if you can get rid of those from your lifestyle completely, this will be your first major step in defeating bad health and living a good life.

Sleep is also a very important point in holistic healing – it’s been proven countless times that a proper sleeping schedule can improve your health greatly, and it can certainly contribute to a healthy spirit a great deal – that’s why you should dedicate some time to fixing up your sleep schedule and making sure that you get not only enough sleep, but the good kind as well (i.e., oversleeping can be just as bad as sleeping too little).

If you want to truly unleash the power of your spirit, the best way to do that is by expressing yourself creatively. There are numerous ways to do that and we won’t go into detail on how every one works, but generally, if there’s something you enjoy doing that has a final result of producing something unique, you should concentrate on that as much as you can, as it will help your spirit alignment.

As you progress, you will probably start paying attention to other aspects of holistic healing as well, such as meditation and possibly yoga or something related – but these things will come as time goes. In the beginning, it’s important to build a strong foundation for your beliefs so that you can know you’re doing this for a specific, viable purpose.

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