May 272010

You just finished watching the DVD which came with your home gym. You are pouring through their exercise charts and start feeling confused and very intimidated. You want to get started but the 30 to 100 exercises they have in their information are giving you information overload. You need to simplify and get started.

Hopefully your home gym training materials gave you a starter program, but if not, here is the home gym exercises you should get started with. These are the few core exercises which can start building a stronger healthier body.

We are going to start at the top of the body and work down. The first exercise is the bench press for your chest. While many home gyms offer alternatives to the bench press, stick with this basic move to get started. Doing 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps is a great starting point on all exercises.

For your upper back you should do lat pull downs. Your gym should have a cable attachment or pully system for allowing you to face the rack, and pull the handles towards your chest, drawing your shoulders, and shoulder blades back to focus the pulling with your back muscles.

Moving on to your arms, your home gym will have an option for doing bicep curls. This is the primary exercise to build a strong peak on your arm muscles. For the back of your arm you should have an option to either do a triceps extension or triceps kickback with the cable attachments.

You have two primary options to work on your abdominals. Your home gym probably has an option for doing cable resistance crunches. This allows you to do your crunches in a sitting position. If not, then hit the floor and do traditional ab crunches.

It will require 3 home gym exercises to take care of your legs. For the front of your thighs, choose either squats or leg extensions. Both target the legs great. The squats give you more added benefits by engaging the buttocks, lower back, and other support muscles. For the hamstrings, on the rear of your legs, you will want to do leg curls. These will either be in a standing or laying position. Make sure to go through a full motion on your leg curls to get the most benefit. Feel the muscle contract completely, squeezing it at the end of the rep. Finish up your legs with the calf muscles. This will be accomplished with toe raises. Depending on your home gym it will either be in a seated or a standing position. Simply raise and lower the weight with your calves. Clinch the calf muscles tightly at the top of each rep.

These are the basic home gym exercises you should master at first. Once you start feeling great with these exercises and can feel your muscle fitness and strength improving, then you can start adding in sets of an additional exercise for each body part. Stick with 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps raising the weight when you can do more than 15 reps. Your home gym is going to change your body into a work of art with a little persistence on your part.

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