Apr 032010

If you’ve decided to take up jogging as a means to lose weight, you’ve made a great choice. Few sports manage to have such a positive impact on your health, while being so simple to perform. Jogging is widely acknowledged as an irreplaceable part of any good weight loss routine, as it incorporates everything that is good about cardio exercises in one simple “package.”

The first step in getting your jogging routine going is to pick an appropriate location. This will be very important in the long run, as the many factors around this choice will have a huge impact on your performance. First, make sure you pick a place that’s reasonably far away from your home. Try to go for at least a 10-15 minute walk – this way your legs, and your body as a whole, will properly warm up and you won’t have to waste time warming up when you’ve arrived.

Scenery can also play a major role, in regards to location – running among grey concrete can be somewhat depressing, so try to pick a place closer to nature – if that’s not available, there should be at least some park close to you that can fit the bill. If you can run by a river, that’ll be even better, as the fresh air around it can stimulate you a lot.

If your goal is to lose as much weight as possible, you’ll have to strain yourself hard – there’s no two opinions about that, sadly. So, motivate yourself mentally, then get going! You’ll find that the lack of motivation is (in most cases) just an initial phase, and once you’ve gotten through that, it’s all a steady walk uphill from there as you progress and become more experienced and enduring.

The best part about jogging is getting feeling that you’re actually making progress – whereas you run out of breath at some point in the beginning, you’ll be passing it lightly after just a few weeks – and paying attention to those small details can make you feel a lot better, and help you push forward!

Always bring a bottle of water with you when jogging – especially when you’re dealing with weight loss. You’ll need to keep your body well-hydrated, otherwise you can expect to run out of energy a lot quicker than usual. Water is what makes your organs run, and the better you supply them with it, the better you’ll feel and your performance will increase accordingly.

Protein shakes can also be useful, though remember to take them appropriately long before the workout – otherwise there could be some unwanted results, such as feeling heavy in the stomach and being unable to run for long. It takes a bit more knowledge when it comes to such products, so you’d best consult your doctor, or, if you have one, your personal trainer – they’ll best know how to approach your problem and with what substances.

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