Sep 012010

What is the picture which flows through your mind when you think about ladies weight lifting? You might be imagining an Amazonian woman with broad shoulders and large muscles, which is completely the wrong picture. Visualize a sensual woman who moves with ease, grace, strength, and whose body has lines and curves to make everyone turn and look.

Ladies weight lifting is not about the grueling, grinding, grunting lifting you see when men are trying to build massive muscles. Women do not build muscles in the same quantity as men without taking extreme forms of supplements or pharmaceuticals. Women who train with weights instead sculpt their bodies redefining their shape.

When a woman does strength training she will gain added muscle. This is an amazing way to transform your body. With increased muscle your metabolism increases and fat melts away easily. With increased muscle your body changes shape going from soft and shaky to firm and fabulous. Instead of picturing those very rare female bodybuilder or power athletes which have gone to unusual extremes picture the bodies of gymnasts, Olympic swimmers, professional dancers, or figure skaters. Their bodies are lean, sculpted, strong, and sensual.

A great example is to think about your own legs. Take a look at them carefully in the mirror and give an honest evaluation. Are they thin and frail looking? Are they heavy, a little flabby, and lack shape? By using exercises like the squat, lunge, lying leg curls, and seated calf raises you can take those same legs and make them look tremendous. If your legs are thin the added muscle gives them more size, shape, and contours without any flab. If your legs are heavy, weight lifting will help burn away the fat, replace it with shapely muscle, firm the entire leg, and make you look great.

Weight lifting has many advantages over using only aerobic dance, Pilates, yoga, or other forms of exercise. With weight lifting you can target specific portions of the body and dramatically change their shape. Most other forms of exercise are great at helping you lose weight, but do not add muscle. Muscle is the component which transforms the basic shape of a body part. You can literally sculpt a new body using weight training.

When you choose to start lifting weights you will need to make some minor changes to your diet. Make sure to increase the amount of protein you are getting to help your muscles rebuild after your workouts. Eat enough carbohydrates to provide fuel for your workouts. If you are trying to lose weight and become leaner you will want to cut back on the calories at least a little. Make sure you have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to give you the vitamins your body needs.

Ladies weight lifting will not turn you into a she-beast, but will maximize your body’s appearance. Lean strong muscles look great, give you shape, and let you move with the grace and elegance of an athlete or dancer. Your body will look great, feel great, and you will be empowered.

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