Jun 212010

Getting your legs in great condition and improving strength is easy, even at home. Leg exercises at home are very simple and you can get a very complete workout with just a few simple exercises. Here are a few exercises you may want to have in your home workout routine.

The first of the leg exercises you should do at home are squats. The squat focuses mainly on the front of the upper leg, but gets all of your leg muscles into the action. If you are just beginning your exercise program you may want to have a chair beside you to help with balance. The basic move of the squat is almost identical to sitting down in a chair. Lower your bottom until it reaches approximately the level of a chair set, while keeping your head upright, and your back straight. Then raise yourself back up to fully extended legs.

Start off doing your squats without any added weight, doing about 10 repetitions for 3 sets. Rest briefly between sets. This may be very easy for you, if it is try holding some additional weight either in the form of dumbbells, or possibly grocery bags filled with canned goods. As you increase in strength you will probably wish to invest in an inexpensive set of adjustable weight dumbbells to keep your health improvements moving forward.

The second exercise is the lunge. This is another exercise which works many muscles in the leg, but gives more focus to the hamstrings. The lunge is very beneficial in strengthening the buttocks muscles, too. The lunge is performed by putting one foot a little in front of you, and the other foot a little behind you. Bend the knee of the front leg until it reaches about 90 degrees and then push yourself back up using your leg muscles for power. You may want to use a chair for support, but do not pull yourself up using your arm on the chair. As you increase in strength add additional weight. Start off with 3 sets of 8 reps each. Make sure you switch legs and do 8 reps for each leg.

With just those two exercises you are working the upper halves of your legs very effectively, but we do not want to neglect your lower legs. This is another one of the very easy leg exercises at home. All you need is a stair, a brick, or step stool. Depending on your calf muscle strength you may be able to do these one leg at a time or both legs together. Stand with your toes on the edge of the stair, drop your heel down a little to stretch the calf muscle, and then power up until you are at the highest you can go. Lower down to the starting position slowly and repeat. Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Leg exercises at home can be as simple as using only these three exercises. You can build very impressive legs with just a few simple exercises done daily. The biggest thing, make sure you do it, do not keep putting off getting your legs in great shape.

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