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If you want to have great looking legs then you are going to need to use leg toning exercises. Losing weight will only give you skinny legs, not great looking legs. Legs need muscle tone and firmness to look fabulous.

To get the best looking legs you cannot ignore any portion of your legs. You will want to do exercises for the calf muscles, your upper thighs, and for the hamstrings on the back of your legs. While you are doing your leg toning exercise you can make some very minor adjustments and tone your buttocks, also. The buttocks work as an extension from the legs and can be toned very easily at the same time.

Starting at the bottom, let us look at the best exercise for toning your calf muscles. Toes raises target the calf muscle. Stand on the edge of a brick, board, or stair. Stand so most of your foot is hanging out into the open air, and you are balanced on the ball of your foot. Now lower down into a heel drop stretch, now raise yourself to highest level you can crunching your calf muscle at the top. Do this exercise at least 20 times, take a brief rest and repeat for 2 more cycles. If it feels too easy, then do the exercise one leg at a time to increase the weight being lifted by your calf muscle.

For the hamstrings we will use two leg toning exercises. The first one is the lunge. This is not only a good exercise for the hamstrings, but gives some work to the quadriceps on the front of the legs, and the buttocks, too. A lunge is completed by placing one foot about two feet in front of the other, then bending the front knee until you drop to about a 90 degree angle at the knee, then powering back up. You may want to have a chair to hold onto for balance. Make sure to focus your thoughts and efforts at using your hamstrings to power up. Three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions are ideal.

The second exercise for the hamstrings is the straight leg dead lift. This can be done with or without weight. Keeping your legs straight, but not locked, bend at the waist to about a 90 degree angle, then bring your body back to a straight standing position. Make sure to keep your back straight or slightly arched throughout the exercise. You will notice this exercise works not only the hamstrings but the buttocks, too. Do this exercise 10 to 15 times, rest and repeat twice more.

Moving to the front of our thighs, or quadriceps, requires getting low. Squats are the best exercise to build strength, improve shape, and tone the front of your legs. Keeping your back straight, to slightly arched, lower your buttocks as if you were sitting down on a chair. When you reach a 90 degree leg bend power back up to an upright position. Repeat for 20 reps. Rest and repeat twice more. If this becomes too easy try adding some weight by holding some dumbbells or any household items. If you want to work on the buttocks a little more, drop down a little further, even as far as allowing your buttocks to touch your heels. The lower position will require the buttocks to start your upward motion.

Using these few simple leg toning exercises you can begin to build toned, strong, and firm legs. Your legs will look great in skirts, shorts, or on the beach.

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